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Ok,I have an idea.I want to know what you think about it.I have an idea for a new holiday.There is already a "celebrate your rights" day.I believe it is relatively recently made,too,because I hadn't heard of it until last year.On this holiday,Jesse Jackson and others stated,we are supposed to celebrate our rights and think about what they mean to us...every right except one.Mr. Jackson used this day to excersise his right of free speech to bash our right to keep and bear arms and suggested that everybody else do the same.Saying what pretty much all liberals say,that guns are evil,they are the cause of crime,blah blah.That's bullcrap.A right is a right,whether or not one or two people think you shouldn't have it.So,I propose Second Ammendment Day.We will use this day to celebrate the one right that secures all of the others.We can use this occasion to educate the ignorant about what the
2nd. Amndt. REALLY means,bring more people over to our side by letting them handle,and get familiar with firearms,and have a good time.There can be small informal classes,shooting competitions,and,of course,food.We can have it on a weekend,at a time of year when the weather is typically good,like the fourth weekend in May,as an example.That way it will always be at the same time of year,and always on the weekend.Let me know what you think,and be sure to tell other people you know who appreciate the 2nd. Amndt. and get their input.

I am going to do this.I just want to know how many will stand with me and help the cause.



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I'm in. I don't know how the hell I'm going to get to Texas, but count me in!

Recommendation: Combine it with a Bike Event and make it for charity. You'll get a much larger turnout. Bikers, generally, are the single largest Charity-contributing group in the country.


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2A Day! It's a beautiful concept! Maybe we could petition the new President to make it one of the first things he addresses.

The traditional Holiday fare could be The Doughnut, reminiscent and symbolic of the Dreaded Hollow-Point Cartridge. We could all splash a little Hoppes #9 behind our ears.

All kidding aside, I DO think it'a a good idea and should be pursued.
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Thanks guys and gals!
I'm glad I had a good ieda.It seems that I have my moments. :p
Ektarr,do you mean motorcycles or bicycles?
And, don't need to come to Texas.I mean,you are more than welcome to come and play at my house,but the idea is to do it all over the country.
Again,thanks everybody.Let's tell all of our friends and relatives and make it happen.

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