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I have visted here a time or 2 but now I am setup to take my CWP course next Sat. I figured now would be a good time to Join.
I do live here is SC. Near the Charleston Area. Lot of good info here and look forward to reading and learning more.

Welcome from the Upstate, Merlin. Enjoy your class. They will give you a lot of great information. If you have any questions about CC don't hesitate to start a thread...that's why we're here.
Thanks for the welcomes.
Well the class went well Saturday. Now I patiently wait. Wow. This will be a long wait.:hang3:
I currently carry in my vehicle in the proper manor a Ruger P89 9mm or my Llama MaxI .45
I trust both guns. Which one I bring along is just preference of the day.

The only compact I have is a Bersa Thunder .380 CC. If I can't get what I want by the time my License gets here I will carry it since it will be Aug hopefuly. But will be Hot so I wont be wearing anything to properly cover the other 2.

I want a Kahr in .45 I held one at the gun store and I really liked it. It was a compact. But I cant remember the model number.
My second choice will be a Bersa Thunder 9mm compact.

I love the .380 its a sweet shooting gun. So Bersa is on my list.

But I got 90 plus days to decide..:confused:
MERLIN 1274 Welcome! Now if SC would recognize my Pa permit! Good luck w/ your training and hope you get your carry permit quickly.

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