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Greetings from the sierras, nor~cal, just got signed up, so i thought i'd post a subject that i posted on u.s. concealed carry site, which i'm a member,, so some of you out here, may have seem this question before, i'm currenty a resident, and have been contemplating on relocating to another state, ca. got rather goofy in the last 10 years or so !! ;-) i'd like to stay in the western us though, so i've kinda narrowed it down to the states of ARIZONA. NEW MEXICO, TEXAS, NEVADA, UTAH, IDAHO, MAYBE OREGON AND WASHINGTON, but or. & wa. are not of primary concern as of now, been there already, so what i was trying to gain is real world feed back about the states, things like, gun friendlyness,living conditions, weather,cost of living, crime, or lack of it !! ect, since i'm basically retired, jobs are not of major concern, we have no kids either.. so i'm hoping for feed back from residents of the states, or those who maybe have studied about a state or?? so any info or recommendations are appreciated, i know there are lots of great states not mentioned, but i'd like to try to locate to one of the mentioned ones, ,, but chime in to say hi and why your state is a place to consider!! thanx everyone,i know it's kida a loaded question,most folks think their state is the best!! i've was born and raised in ca. and i felt the same way until maybe 5 or so years ago, but cali is headed in the wrong direction in too many respects and i can't really whole heartly support it any longer,soo off we go!! i think !!?? also, because so many states differ alot ,according to the county you live in, please let me know if the state your recommending has a particular good or "stay away" from county!! hey to all who answer this thread, thank you!! i sure do appreciate your time and value you suggestions,knowlege and ideas!! for a better place to live for my family !! take care out there and sure hope your enjoying life & having fun!!! FLYER....

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