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Even though I'm a new fan to Glock, I still like my Beretta's. Today I received a few items I ordered from Beretta last week.

1. Replacement Rail Cover for my 90-two. They sent that for free. Not sure how I broke it, I just noticed it loose at the range one day.
2. Slim Grips for the 90-two - They were only $10 so I figured I'd order them just to try them out. I actually like them better than the regular grips and will be keeping them on. I need to go shoot with it to really feel the difference. Maybe I'll write a little review on it.
3. Beretta Gear! They have a clearance sale so I picked up a nice hat and shirt for $15.

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I miss my 92F... the extractor bit the dust after 15,000rd and I traded it in, dumb move. It was no Sig, but it was very user-friendly.
Beretta 90-Two slim Grips

I just got the Beretta 90-Two and want to try out the slim grips however I can not find them anywhere. Searched and no luck :confused:. You indicate that you ordered them for that site, can you tell me how to find them?

I am also new to the forum. Great site! :)
Welcome newgunuser. I am not sure what kind of grips you are looking for, but try . They have a lot of different gun accessories and pages of grip from the Beretta 92. There are some on the Beretta website, but nothing like midway. Good luck.
I love my 92F's! I have four of them. Three I built from parts and if I can get some more parts I have four more receivers to build up. I'm thinking of building one of them into a 96.
I can think of no sane reason to sell, trade, give away, or turn in a firearm as long as you're still sucking wind molonlabetn. I've NEVER heard anybody say I'm glad I got rid of that ...But then I still have my first wife...hmm maybe I'll trade her in!

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