New Glock 27


Thank God I'm alive!
Do you plan on dressing up your new Glock with any cool accessories?


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I thought about a Lasermax but still on the fence about that. Other than that no, I wouldn't really know what else to do with this gun. It's already turning out to be harder to conceal than I thought and I now have my eyes on a Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry. The Glock is just so wide and square. Oh well, live and learn.
I am trying a new Crossbreed Qwikclip holster that I received yesterday. It seems very nice so far and it is tuckable but once again the Glock is so wide that the tuckable option doesn't seem to work so well.


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Well the Crossbreed is working out really well so far. I got a new 5.11 leather belt and that made a big difference. I still think the glock is a bit thick and would like to try a Walther PPS but the crossbreed is getting better the more I wear it and break it in. I've been using it apendix carry and it is very comfortable and concealable.
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