New Florida Assault Weapons Bill

Thought everyone in Florida may be interested in this.

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Ok if I'm reading this correctly they don't want to ban assault weapons, even though the author make it clear he thinks the answer is a complete ban, but an increase in penalties for committing a crime using a weapon or illegal purchases. So instead of punishing the good law abiding, by placing a ban on assault weapons, they want more severe punishment for the criminals? Sounds ok to me so far.

"minimum mandatory 25-year-prison term for using a semiautomatic or automatic weapon in a crime" This would include more then just assault weapons. Ones again punish the criminal with longer jail time. Sounds good!

"This is also not an attempt to hinder anybody who buys and sells hunting weapons, unless you like to hunt pheasant with an illegally procured AK-47."
Um..... if they were going to hunt with an Illegally procured AK-47 an assault weapons ban wouldn’t stop them either!!!!!

"Make no mistake, the proposed new penalties in Florida involving buying, selling and using assault weapons are not the ultimate answer to a growing problem." Problem with what??? Last I checked I know Tampa's violent crime was down last year and I believe that as a whole Florida has seen a decrease in the number of violent crime since concealed carry was passed.

This author need to get off his soap box, research some facts, and learn to write!


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That is great us a revolver and get less time.Wake up people any weapon taken up in self defense or crime is an assault weapon.The intent is deciding factor.W e just need to inforce the laws we have .


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I actually agree with the author about increasing the penalties for guns being used in crimes or for gun dealers knowingly selling them to people who by law are not supposed to be buying them. But why single out the buyers and sellers of so-called "assault weapons?" Shouldn't this be the case for all firearm transactions, not just for so-called "assault weapons?"


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"What would be best for everyone is to restore the federal ban on assault rifles that expired in 2004."

Big mook.
Stupid people piss me off.


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I thought the bill expired because it did nothing to prevent crime. It's not like a BG with a clean record can't go to walmark and get a semi-auto 12 gauge or some other semi-auto that will be just as if not more effective.

I've had to wait forever and a damn day just to buy an AK so I would have a reliable form of self defense in a country that is under attack every day. Not to mention that it's WAY cheaper to shoot for fun than an AR or the fact that if the SHTF I can find ammo on the ground.


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Um folks, just wait till a democrat gets into the white house. If you though the Assault Weapons ban was bad just wait.

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