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Since the beginning, I've been asked about creating a feature that allows users to track the permits they have, when they expire, and be notified to renew them. Well we I am pleased to announce the USA Carry Permit Reminder.

Just use your forum login at the Permit Reminder Login Page. If you are not a member and would like to use it, sign up for free by clicking here.

Once you have logged in, you can add each permit you have by selecting the state, whether it is a resident or non-resident permit, the expiration date, and any notes you may wish to add. And that's about as simple as it gets.

Starting Friday (or sooner), the system will start sending out a standard email reminding you to renew your permit when the expiration date is 12 weeks, 8 weeks, 4 weeks, 1 week, 3 days, and 1 day away. We will also be adding some past due emails.

So that will wrap up the features for this version. Playing with it for the last hour or so I've already come up with a few more features I would like to add to this but this is definitely a good start. If you have any ideas or find any bugs let me know!

USA Carry Permit Reminder

Great idea. Thanks.

One more thing. In Ohio my training certificate also expires and needs renewal. Funny thing is it lasts a different number of years then the CCW. Go figure.
Great idea. Thanks.

One more thing. In Ohio my training certificate also expires and needs renewal. Funny thing is it lasts a different number of years then the CCW. Go figure.

Gotcha. I'll add that to the list of things to add so you'll be able to add a permit and a training cert for one state.
Bloody Good Idea..BUT?

U know I was laid up in a VA hospital for 10 days with a hurt like hell ankle infection right around the very day my WA State CC permit expired, told this story once, but I had 2 go thru the whole 30-day NIC check again as a 1st-timer, prints, mug, $60, and armed cops buzzing around the city court-house like flies! Brrr!
I did get my CC permit back in the U.S. Mail, and found that since I 1st applied (2002) I had a 370000 number, then I got a 680000 one, WOW, in 5 years my state issued double the CC permits, so I guess I feel much safer knowing my cell-phone doesn't shoot 9mm HP's or harsh words seldom stop drug-crazed meth-heads bent on nicking my stuff :)
I'll input and thanks USA Carry (Lukem) for doing us a service my own state doesn't even do, send out any warning that my permit is about to turn into plain old useless card-stock.
I do have a question though, if let's say USA Carry was hit with a federal court order to disclose all those names or #'s (#" are not required to enter I know), would you have to give them up, maybe adding more info much faster to a 'National data-base' than the ABC's aleardy have part of it compiled? I don't mean to shoot this down, but I can not predict what may be laws in 2-3 years with a new Pres & a new congress/senate plus LOTS of anti-gun sheeple out there who want to take my 2nd away.
Just curious and hoping Lukem has a up-front reply to a forward-looking question, not a catch-question, that others may want to know about too.
ROGER-WICLCO, heading to input mine now. F-it! I don't care if my legit CC # is stored in Langley or the J. Ed Hoover cross-dressing club!!!
Cheers Lukem,

Canis-Lupus :a:
Well the database is tied to just a username and I don't track anyone's real names so they couldn't really tie the accounts to anyone. Maybe through some ip tracking but I really think that is a long shot. I don't see a reason they would want my info when they could get it from the states instead.
I see your point.

Yup, I.P. addresses is about all they'd get I guess, plus some fancy nom-de-guerres :bieren: . When I woke up I realized just what a STUPID QUESTION I had asked, if the Alpha-Betties want every detail of a CC citizen in any state, they'll just shoot-off a fed court order to each issuing county/city clerk's office and know more about the CC person than their own Mom's do! Please pardon my late nite paranoia, :rolleyesb: and thanks again for providing a service that is better than my local official lisense office can match. Renewal reminders!
Max Regards,

Canis-Lupus :9:
Thanks Luke this is definatly going to come in handy. I just got back to WA 2 weeks ago and went down to the court house and filled out the paper work for my permit which is good for 5 years. My CO had a issue he knew his permit was going to expire while he was in Iraq however when he went in there to re-new it they would not let him as it was more than 3 months away and they would not let hijm re-new through the mail so he has to go through the whole process again just like a first timer. Sheesh!
CC Friendly, Admin Nightmare!

Hey Gunny,
That is Spokane to a T my friend, sooner or later they will issue you/your C.O. a CC permit, but only after playing the admin shuffle @ their speed, and even being in a hospital for me (V.A./Federal land!) was not an excuse the Spokane county clerk would buy,:angry03: so I started off like a 1st timer again, CC friendly? Getting that card is a bloody hassel! And no reminders when it is getting ready 2 expire, you go figure! Luke's e-notices will B a BIG help!

Canis-Lupus :rolleyesb:
Great idea. Thanks.

One more thing. In Ohio my training certificate also expires and needs renewal. Funny thing is it lasts a different number of years then the CCW. Go figure.

This will be added soon actually. You'll be able to track a Concealed Firearm Permit, Training Certificate, or select Other and enter whatever name you want to enter and it will track it.
Many thanks Luke

This was one of the features that I missed the most, when PDO died. I'm glad to see it here.

CCW Reminder

Thanks for adding this feature. Every since went belly up I've wanted such a feature. Again, thanks!

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