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I do alot of traveling in N.E. and so I'm considering getting permits for CT, MA, ME and RI (in that particular order, priority-wise). Anyone with any information (the application process, course requirements, cost, length of validity, likelyhood that a permit would even be granted, personal experiences... ANYTHING) pertaining to a non-resident permit in any of these states would be appreciated.

Well, let's see if I can answer any........
I'm NH res. and travel to and from MA. for work. For a Non-Res going to MA. you need to take a course/class by a MA certified instructor (I'm ONLY giving BRIEF info here where as you can check out the MA. section which has ALL the answers for you), these couses/classes are listed in the MA. section that are acceptable. You have to posses a LTC in your own state, fill out the MA. application and send in ALL the info it asks for along with $100. which is good for only one year. Took two months to get mine. My renewal took less.
ME., pretty much same thing as far as courses/class adding a copy of birth certificat and $60. for 4 years. Mine took about two months. For CT. I do not know.
Again, this is only a brief explanation. You can find ALL your answers on here in the home page OR check out the Threads made in MA., ME., CT.,'s all in there.
Yeh, I know I missed things BUT that's why I said...BRIEF info. I found out that in each State on here everyone gives a great story on their own experiences which is a good place to start. Good luck.
If I remember, for MA., it was something travels for business/pleasure take me across neighboring states and I want to be 100% complient with MA. gun laws.......
Our NRA instructor who is certified for both NH and MA. at the time gave the class some "reasons" that would be acceptable. Just don't put down one word reasons at the same time, don't write a book either. Others can chime in also on this. Everywhere is different and.............I myself am still learning.

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