New Efforts Launched to Overturn Unconstitutional Laws - JOIN US


There have been new efforts launched to overturn the various unconstitutional laws, which the California Legislature passed as bills and Governor Brown signed into law.

I urge you - JOIN US to RESIST and OVERTURN these laws.

1) The recent anti-gun, anti-magazine, anti-ammo, anti-make-your-own-gun, and pro-registration laws must be overturned.
One of the ways to do this is, by necessity, THE COURTS.
Support this effort TODAY. Gunpocalypse - Firearms Policy Foundation

2) There is also an effort to overturn these laws by referendum (you, the voter, would do it directly, in addition to what organizations are doing in the courts to help overturn these bad laws).
If you are a business owner, please sign up at Link Removed
If you are an individual please sign up at VOLUNTEER – Veto Gunmageddon
Please do so right away as many signatures are needed now that it has the green light!

3) I am doing my own effort to get a process examined legally to see how a class action lawsuit could be constructed to include as many Californian gun owners as possible in a case against the State to overturn these laws. To help with this effort, see and donate there.

Thank you! Please share this post, donate at any of the links above, and spread the word by whatever means, e-mail, social media, etc.
To defend our rights will take a lot of work!

And in the meantime, please also see this post which has many ideas for resisting the unconstitutional acts of the State!


Time is of the essence, so once again, please spread the word in your social networks about these links:

1) FPC / FPF are working to raise funding to launch challenges to the recently enacted California gun bills IN COURT.

Donate at Gunpocalypse - Firearms Policy Foundation and SPREAD THE WORD about this link via social media, and encourage others to donate!

2) NOW IS THE TIME to sign the petitions (to get the gun bills overturned at the ballot). To do this, go to:

Link Removed Enter your zip code to find the location nearest you to sign. SIGN ALL OF THE PETITIONS (there's one for each bill).

Spread the word about the link above via your social media, e-mail, etc!

Thank you!

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