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Look at all of these bills that were introduced last week in Albany.

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What the hell? The bill banning "junk guns" includes the Colt Mustang, Mustang Plus II, and the Colt Pocketlite... those are far from "junk guns", they're just after them because they're small!! :mad:


Another was introduced today. I can't exactly say I disagree with this one, but responsible gun owners would not do this anyway. This would make being drunk and carrying a firearm illegal. Drunk is defined as .08%

Here is my problem. Apparently there have been 94 disturbances in bars with guns over the past 5 years. Just how many of those were committed with an illegal gun versus a valid concealed carry permit holder?* - New York Bill Shoots Down Guns and Booze\

Here is the video:
Very good question. I wonder if there is a place where you can find the numbers or percentages of the gun crimes were commited with illegal guns or by people with permits. To me the politicians lump everyone in together.
Another was introduced today. I can't exactly say I disagree with this one,

Well agree or disagree it is all wrapping paper. Let's not give them one more inch because they have certainly demonstrated in the past that they have our interests at heart.

At what point do we stop giving in to these people? Their intention is clear. They will get there using small incremental bills and regulations little by little. And we will let them.

According to Bloombergs group, they don't need new laws, They want ATF and other Federal Agencies to simply enforce existing laws and regulations differently, making it unprofitable if not impossible for a legitimate firearms dealer to run a business that involves the selling of ammo or firearms.

Then they can all go to sleep at night with their armed security details, knowing that they did not subvert the second amendment. How patriotic of them.
Another one was introduced on 2/9-
From the NRA-ILA

Anti-Gunners Have .50 Caliber Firearms in the Crosshairs!

Please Contact Your Assembly Member Today!

On Tuesday, February 9, Assembly Bill 9904, a bill that would ban the sale, use or possession of .50 caliber or larger firearms, has been referred to the Assembly Codes Committee in Albany. This is a blatant attempt by anti-gunners to manufacture an issue to rejuvenate their gun-banning agenda.

With the demise of the Clinton Gun Ban, and several independent studies for the federal government showing that the "assault weapons" ban was ill-conceived, gun prohibitionists have found new firearms to demonize -- those chambered to fire the vintage .50 BMG cartridge.

While anti-gunners try to put pressure on this issue, here are some facts they should consider:

* .50 caliber rifles are not used in crimes--.50 caliber rifles are too large and heavy to be employed in normal criminal behavior.
* .50 caliber rifles are also among the most expensive made, confining their purchase to dedicated marksmen and collectors.
* Most people who own .50 caliber rifles are long-range target shooting experts. For more than a century, long-range target shooting competitions have attracted marksmen, and modern .50 caliber rifles are among the most accurate for long-range shooting.
* .50 caliber rifle ammunition is not new. Contrary to anti-gunners' wild claims, the ammunition used in these rifles was invented shortly after World War I.
* Despite outlandish claims from anti-gunners, Mk211 military ammunition is strictly controlled by the U.S. Armed Forces and not available to the general public.

Please contact your lawmakers TODAY and respectfully urge them to oppose A9904.

State Assembly Members can be reached by phone at (518) 455-4100. To find your Assembly Member, please click here.

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