New basic AK, what are the best butt stock, fore end, and hand grip upgrades?


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New WASR-10 AK, looking to purchase new collapsible butt stock, new fore end grip possibly with a rail, and a new pistol grip. I'm wondering what other people have done to their AK's if you'd reply with brands, models, and if you have pics that would be great. Thank you.


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The Midwest Industries foregrip is the best I've seen but it's also the priciest. If you shop around you can find it for a little over $100. No plastic - it's all aluminum and very high quality. Make sure you get some rubber rail inserts no matter what rail you decide to go with.

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For a pistol grip you can't beat the Hogue.

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I don't care much for collapsible stocks on AKs (just a personal preference) so I really couldn't help you there. I do have a Tapco folding stock on one of mine and it functions as advertised.

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