New 9mm ... tell me about it.


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I went to browse at a local gun shop yesterday and happened upon a used but in amazing condition all stainless steel Smith and Wesson Model 5096 9mm pistol. It was a consignment piece from a private collection.

I know nothing of this specific model but the price just seemed too good to pass up and when I took the gun into my hand it felt oh so good. I have a bit small hands and this just feels like a great grip, much better than my usual Beretta. So I bought it. I checked Gun Broker and it appears I got it for one to two hundred under what they are generally selling for, though it appears they do not sell very often.

Is anyone familiar with the 5096. I think it is a well made piece but would like to know more from the experienced.

Thanks …

While I have no personal experience with the 5096's, if you got a good deal on it nothing says it isn't a keeper. You never know, and last I checked guns appreciate. :biggrin:

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