Never underestimate a guy in a BMW..


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This dude is lucky he did not get shot!!!
It cost him a video camera and a long walk...
What a fine example for his son he is..

Dumb Redneck MF.. (no offense intended!!)

And people ask "Why do you need a gun??"

YouTube - Never Underestimate !!

Even if fake..
The point is the same..
and you can say that a person would not drive down a dead end street, but that is exactly what someone I know would do.. Less questions asked if things go bad..
Really bad actors and way to obviously fake. Everyone was way to calm on both sides which also gave it away.
Fake or not it proves a point, a friend from work has a son at this time in the hospital, in very serious condition, several cuts broken arm, and punctered lung cause he was run off the road and beat up by a couple of doushbags like this, they were caught, but only after they beat him half to death, and destroyed his car, he may have got in a couple of licks, till he got stuck with the knife :mad:

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