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Second Amendment Action Alert From Gun Owners of Nevada

Nevada Background Check B.S.

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Dear Senator,


Our private records should not be turned over to an administration that has pledged to eliminate gun rights. This bill would not provide the needed due process and though amended from its original version, does not go far enough in ensuring that innocent and law abiding citizens do not become inadvertently entrapped into becoming felons.


Thank you


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NICS Abuse - Oppose Nevada AB46 - Alert From Gun Owners of Nevada

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Sine Die But we NEED your help​

The 75th Nevada State Legislature is finished and we have much to be thankful for but we also have one last bit of work that must be undone. Link Removed, the Nevada Version of the Veteran Disarmament Bill sits on the Governor’s desk and it must be stopped. Link Removed in opposition to Link Removed are essential.

Here is some additional background.

Currently the system is flawed and Link Removed will expand these flaws by adding more people, wrongfully, to the 'no buy list.' Link Removed adds some private mental health records to Nevada’s ‘no buy’ list.

GONV regularly hears from people who have been denied firearm purchases because the government databases indicate some "criminal" history. In some cases, they’ve done nothing wrong, but they’ve been wrongly added to the state POC (NICS) system. And while they wait to sort out the mistaken denial, they are defenseless and in fear for their lives. In several instances people have been denied a right to lawfully purchase a weapon in Nevada, even though they already own a weapon and have a current CCW!

The point is, waiting months to lawfully purchase a firearm while you are in fear for your life is not the definition of a free person. Also, the FINANCIAL BURDEN of proving innocence can be HUGE!

Let’s take an example of a soldier returning from his tour in Iraq. Should he hesitate to seek medical help because he fears he will be disarmed? He probably won't seek help if this bill is signed into law by the Link Removed. We don't think he should be forced into this position.

What about a woman who has just given birth and is suffering from post-partum depression? Would she be placed on the ‘No Buy List’ for seeking help? Should she have to go through (possibly) years and enormous expense to recover her Constitutional right to self defense because of a short-term, self-limited problem? GONV does not think so.

Or the single mom who has a stalker. She sought us out because she has been denied the ‘Right’ to lawfully purchase a firearm. The state will not give her a reason, and even though she's put aside funds to purchase a gun, and she's taken training at a local gun store, she is left at the mercy of this stalker.

For every person who has contacted us, there are likely dozens more who haven't found us yet. And they are all being denied their fundamental right to defend themselves because of the arbitrary state system that AB46 will enlarge. The net of AB46 will catch even more innocent, law abiding people and trap them in harm's way with little remedy.

Your calls to the governor are needed ASAP

And thank you for protecting Nevada’s gun rights. You, the members of GONV, are true American heroes. Your help has made all of our victories this session possible. But more on that and a complete list of our victories here shortly.
Right now, we need your help to make this session a complete victory.

Again, Link Removed This bill has too many worrisome consequences for gun owners.
Governor Jim Gibbons:
Please VETO AB 46
Although attempts have been made to improve AB46, the problems with the bill remain.

The current "Brady background check” system often prevents legitimate firearm purchases because of faulty criminal history records. Adding more questionable records to the system will only cause more problems, especially since by their nature, these records are meant to be kept as private as possible. This will make it nearly impossible for the State Police to clear a person unreasonably denied their right to self-defense.

Let’s not deny our veterans their rights. VETO AB 46

Yours truly,

“You do not examine legislation in light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in light of the wrongs it would do and the harms it would cause if improperly administered.” —LYNDON B. JOHNSON



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Email sent.

Wow, it's tiring trying to keep up with all the assaults on our rights. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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