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I have a NV CCW. MY question is the following: I took a new job in Miami and will be moving there in August. I will be lving in a hotel for the first 2 months then Im going to rent for the first year. At one point does my NV permit become null and void. Do I need a Florida Permit if I still own a home in NV?

Where do I use my Barrett CQ in the Miami area. Living in NV there is no shortage of 2-3000 yard wide open shooting spaces. If anyone has any suggestion about south Florida please let me know. I heard trail glades is being redone. Why do I have this feeling that I am going to have to drive 4 hours to use my gun.. Any help thanks!

Can you use a rifle on private land if you live on a farm homestead area?
what are the laws reference outdoor shooting?


Rule of thumb is that you need to get a permit in state once you establish residency. If you are permanently moving to FL, and will live there for more than 6 months of the year, then you will probably have to get a FL permit. Most states consider you a resident after you have permanently lived there for 6 months or more. If you are active duty military or a military family member, then PCS orders can be used to show resident status in most cases, and you won't need to wait 6 months. I have both NV and FL permits. It wouldn't hurt to keep the NV permit, as I'm sure that it has yet to expire. I have a home in NV and live there approx. 6 months out of the year.

Best thing to do is to check with the FL dept. of agriculture (the authority that issues CWP for FL) or a LE agency in FL.

Thanks for the info! How about the 50 caliber issue, ranges and shooting outdoors on a farm, of course with a proper back stop.

Thanks again
Thanks for the info! How about the 50 caliber issue, ranges and shooting outdoors on a farm, of course with a proper back stop.

Thanks again

It's almost 6:30am in FL. The MOD livesi n FL, and there are a lot of folks from FL that frequent this forum. They'll be waking up soon and I'm sure one of them would be able to answer your question. I've been to FL many times, but never lived there.

Sounds like a trip to the everglades would be in order.Call local gun stores and infer.

You'll be find on your NV CFP as long as you do not get a Florida DL, register to vote in Florida, file a declaration of homestead in Florida or do another statutory act which makes Florida your domicile. The exact Florida Statue is Link Removed

You have a 90 day grace period under the same Florida Statute once you get a Florida DL. I would not get your Florida DL while you are living in a temporary residence (i.e. hotel). Until then you should be fine under your NV CFP providing you keep your NV DL.

Your NV CFP training certificate will be accepted as proof of training for your FL CWFL.

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