Nevada Gun Grabber Running For Senate District 6


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if you live in Nevada or know somebody that lives in Nevada please make sure you warn them about "Allison Copening" Democrat whom is running for Senate District 6 here in Nevada against the incumbent Republican Senator Bob Beers whom is a fellow gun owner, CCW/CCP holder and supports the initiative to allow teachers that are CCW/CCP holders to carry on school campus; in other words so our teachers and kids are not defenseless like they were at Virginia Tech and a multitude of other similar school incidents in the "Kill for Free Zones" our kids and teachers spend much of their days in...

Democrat "Allison Copening" is a Senator Harry Reid Protégé

Please get the word out on this gun grabber whom is spending millions in a anti-gun campaign against Pro-Second Amendment Senator Bob Beers.

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There are already enough gun grabbers at the federal and local levels, and not enough gun rights supporters. I don't live in Nevada, so I can't vote for Beers, but I will be rooting for him.

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