Nevada Call To Action: Clark County Shooting Park In Danger Again!


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We need immediate volumes of action on this one!

Please leave a respectful, informed comment at the following Channel 8 Blog Link To Leave
Comments in regards to the attempted injunction against the Clark
County Shooting Park that was filed yesterday... Monday 8/25/2008

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In Addition, There is a handful of uninformed gun-grabbing residents that oppose this, it has been overwhelmingly been supported by the Clark County Commission and the majority of Citizens and Residents of Clark County, Nevada.

further, please make some respectful informed comments to the "Clark County Public Information Office" these comments may be used in a legal opposition to this latest attempt at second amendment infringement in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada...

Additionally, please do write and call the NRA, GOA, SAF and any other pro-gun organization to support this issue and give it more attention in the pro-gun community in Nevada and Nationwide...

Contact the NRA:
Link Removed

Contact the GOA:
Gun Owners of America
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Contact the SAF:
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