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Got pulled over around 0100 coming back from downtown. I'm usually designated driver for most of my friends and I was running a friend home - got popped crossing the bridge - and pulled over shortly thereafter. Officer said I was doing 56 in a 40, which - I have a digital speedometer that said I was doing no more than 45 the whole time as I was just having a conversation about people speeding over the bridge.

Officer approached my window, where I had my hands visible on the steering wheel, palms up - asked me for identification at which point I presented my drivers license and ccw permit. I was asked if I had been drinking, to which I said no, and was then asked to exit the vehicle.

I complied - stepped out, and was told I was to be given a field sobriety test as there was a "strong odor" coming from my vehicle. Officer had me follow his finger, told me I was good, and to return to my vehicle.

the officer returned to his vehicle - and returned to mine a short while later, and told me thank you for being a sober driver - and to head home. no ticket.


Be thankful you weren't actually speeding. He probably made up the speed he gave you as an excuse to go fishing for a DUI.

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