Neighbor with shotgun stops break-in at union hall

Neighbor with shotgun stops break-in at Manchester firefighters union hall

MANCHESTER - A neighbor with a shotgun is credited with stopping a burglar from breaking into the Manchester Professional Firefighters Association’s union hall Wednesday morning.

The neighbor saw a man trying the windows and doors at Local 856’s union hall at 85 Sheffield Road about 7 a.m. and confronted the would-be burglar as he was opening a window, police said.

The neighbor told the 19-year-old man to stay put while he called police, Police Lt. Maureen Tessier said. The neighbor did not point the loaded shotgun at the suspect, she said. She said the alleged burglar complied and waited until police arrived.

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I dunno. Could this be the start of another sheepdog discussion? IMHO, i would not risk the possibility of legal entanglement or worse just to save a union hall from a thief/vandal. Now, if it was a useful place of business and not a city finance draining tick of an organization's building... Kidding there. Anyway, my life, the lives of any of my family would not have been in jeopardy so I'd simply dial 911.

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