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found this (rather graphic caution!) story about a guy that had a ND and was not too proud to post it in hopes that others could learn from his mistakes.

Thanks for that. I am sending it to all I know who have firearms. It is important that we never get too comfortable with our safety procedures.
This is a fine example of what happens to people who don't follow the basic rules of safe gun handling, particularly 1-3. 1). He did not treat his weapon as if it were loaded. 2). He did not keep his finger off the trigger off the gun until he was ready to fire. 3). He did not keep the muzzle pointed away from anything he did not plan to destroy.
I think I mentioned this on another post quite a while back. Around 1972 0r 73, don't remember for sure, I had a similar incident happen to me. I had been to the range early in the day and one of my firearms that I was shooting, a Colt Detective, was having a problem with the cylinder not turning. I took it home and cleaned it and it seemed to work fine after that. Later that evening while driving I exited the freeway and was stopped at a light in a not so good part of town. I decided to see if the gun was working o.k. I cocked back the hammer and let it down slowly. I guess not slow enough because it fired and ended up with an entrance and exit wound very much like in the picture. I first thought I just felt powder burns until the blood begin to flow. I drove myself to the E.R. at the county hospital where I worked the day shift. When I walked up and told them why I was there they thought I was pulling a joke until I showed them my leg. the doctor on duty cleaned out the wounds and put in a drain which was removed about a week later. As bad as it was it could have been a lot worse if I had hit the artery. Believe me when I tell you that I learned a very important lesson that day the hard way.
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WOW! Thank you for posting this story!

The other night I heard what sounded like someone walking around on my deck in the back yard. I grabbed my Gladius and my 1911 and thrust my 1911 in my waistband as I proceeded to the back door.

After reading this I thought back to how my .45 was pointing right at my left thigh that night, not to mention anything else that would have blocked a bullets travel. That is the very last time that will ever happen!
Never a good thing to have happen. Especially being hit by the bullet.

We had a ton of those in Iraq...some too close for comfort.
I have seen this before but something like this is always good to see over and over just to keep safety in your minds. Nothing in life is worth getting hurt over.

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