Need to Notify????

In most states that require notification, the cop pulling you over will know before approaching the vehicle whether you're a permit holder anyway, so refusing to tell him won't make much of a difference either way.

Well, if you are legally required to notify LEOs that you are carrying, then you should absolutely do so. In no way should you violate that law.

My entire point is that you should not offer any more information to a potential arresting officer than is needed. If you live in a "must notify" state, provide it and then say nothing else. If you don't have to notify by law, it's up to you to decide if you want to or not. I personally prefer not to notify since they have no right to that information according to the law.

I figure that the whole LEO mentality has shifted to the "everybody's guilty" idea, and so I'll maintain every single right I have at my disposal. It might cause me grief in the short run, but down the road at least I'll know my rights are intact. But it's all personal opinion, and everyone has to decide what they feel is necessary.

I always always declare that i am carrying. Cops are less likely to be dicks if you just be upfront to them. I have actually gotten out of a few tickets in tx because the LEO and I got into a conversation about my handgun and them the rifle in the trunk ect well okay two tickets to be exact.
Before the LEO gets to your door he knows you have a CCW. It is in your records and when he calls your tag in it comes up showing your status. You should remember that in your CCW class they told us to always present your CCW to the officer.

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