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First off let me say I know in the end it's up to me and what i like/will work for me/is in my budget. Now then i have been looking at a few setups for my handgun. First being a TLR 2,Second being a TLR 1 with crimson trace laser grips and night sights. 3rd just crimson trace grips, 4th TLR 1 with night sights. The main goal is to have a night time carry set up/home nightstand use. I have already found a holster i like for IWB that is made to carry a tactical light. What are the long term effects of using night sights? Am i going to wake up one day with a 3rd arm going out of my body?

I would say not going any further than just the laser grips i assume that this is for you to actaully carry around, you start making your gun all tactical if you have to use, the responding homicide det who comes to say whether is was justifiable will automatically at the very least investigate further and then if taken to trial the jury will have a field day. it looks cool but you dont really need it if you cant see the bad guy trying to rob you then he cant see you.
While that is somewhat true. For home use it does not really matter much. I'm really digging the TLR 1 so i can have one hand free to be able to grab my kids. I do have a hand held flashlight but the kids are in the other room and i would need to go get them and get them back to the safe room. I was really digging the Surefire X300 with a DG-12 switch but that's almost 300 for a tactical light. I think i will just go with my laser grips and get a holster for my hand held flashlight.
oh well home defense that is diff, i have a tac light mount that i can put on my 1911 in close quarters a flash light is as good as a laser. when i was doing MOUT training i was always told and i still believe after 2 deployments one to iraq and one to afghan, that a flashlight is well good enough though laser grips wouldnt be a bad idea i am just not the type to put all the bells and whistles on my weopons.
Since this is an open post I'll add my 1 or 2 cents Title: Need some input from people who know more then me. (I believe in the premise regarding opinions, If not asked for, best not given)... I’m not an expert but I’ve been around for 40 plus years so that ‘s gotta count for something…I just bought a Streamlight PolyTac, 120 Lumens, C4 LED tactical flashlight that's on my night stand. I spent $40.00 on it and it’s bright as hell and very light weight. For home defense that’s the way to go. Keep the weapon itself light and free from clutter, add the Tritium Night Sights for low light if the flash light is not handy. You put that flashlight in the face (right in the eyes) of an intruder then yell “freeze” real loud and see what the reaction is. Keep your pistol in the shooting hand and on top of the wrist of the flashlight holding hand. May take some practice with that for feel but it works. It gives you control of the light keeps the intruder blind. You can keep the light in his eyes and the sights at dead center mass.
I would recommend against the laser sights. If you're on a tight budget, I'd say the first priority should be Tritium night sights, then invest in a good hand held flashlight. If you can afford the Surefire, I strongly recommend it. I have one and it's served me well. Don't waste money on laser sights. They are good for use on the shooting range and for diagnosing shooting errors, but seriously, from a practical stand point of SD, they don't make much sense. There are a lot of LEO out there who depend on their firearms in the daily course of their duty. Many of those firearms are issued with night sights, not many are issued laser sights. Considering the price difference of around $30 or so, that's gotta tell you something.

Stick to the basics. Night sights are great for shooting in low light conditions. You will be able to see your front sight post better, and don't have to worry about the batteries being dead or a faulty switch when it really matters. :eek: A good hand held flashlight or tactical light is an excellent option as well.

Wow thanks for all the input. I have about 1k for a budget for anything i need+ the gun it's self at 535. Right now I'M using a Coleman XR-C Led flashlight that i picked up from walmart for20 dollars. Coleman 3AAA XR-C LED Flashlight It's not bad and works great. I may pick up a fenix P3d. Now what are the risks with night sights?
The risk from exposure to night sights is less likely to cause harm then say talking on your cell phone while driving.. Most of the danger from tritium is inhalation or ingestion. The gas is sealed in the glass or plastic housing so little or no danger. We get exposed to it ona daily basis. I'm sure the democrats would use that as a ploy to outlaw night sights...(opps did I type that out loud?)

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I was at the range 2 weeks ago and the guy next to me was shooting a sweet Kimber UC2 iwth the desert digital camo and built in Crimson Trace grip laser. This was probably a $1200-$1500 setup. Long story short, he said he'd never buy crimson trace grips again. After 5 shots, the laser was so dirty that it looked like a red flashlight on the target, not a dot.

Translate for this thread: if there are multiple BG in your house and you spent 2 or 3 shots on BG1 (mozambique) then a dirty laser for BG2+ is not going to be effective. I wouldn't get the night sights either. Just put all the money into a nice flashlight. Then, even if you can't see the white dot on your gun (heine sights or whatever) you'll still see the outline of the front post to put a bullet where it counts. You'll have a 4" margin of error and likely be at less than 30ft.

Vote = flashlight
+1 on the flashlight over the laser.

I'm a big fan of nite sights, and I haven't grown a 6th toe or started believing Al Gore or bHo, so the exposure can't be too bad. However, as nice as night sights are, they don't illuminate or help ID threats - they just help you line up quickly in low light.

Lasers may have their place and purpose, but not for my particular shooting style - snap shooting, my thumb(s) are my sights, and I don't "see" my sights at all - night sights or standard. Plus, my thumbs don't point both ways, nor do they require a battery that (according to Murphy's law) could fail just when you need it most.

Your hands-free concern to round up the kiddos may make mounting the flashlight on the gun a reasonable choice, while also affording two-handed combat shooting in a home-defense scenario. I'm just reluctant to advertise where my own center of mass is to a BG I will presume to be armed and dangerous. Lots to think about.
Thanks again for the input on this matter. I have a high power hand held flashlight in my hand gun safe next to the bed. But again if i have to round up the kids i would have to drop the light. With the Surefire X300 they have that new DG switch that allows you to keep all your fingers on the gun. With out having to use a finger to work the weapon light. Does anyone own a DG switch? How does it work? I can get a TRL-1 and night sights for around 750 for all three ( gun,night sights,weapon light). One draw back to the weapon mounted light is you have to point a loaded gun at what you want to see. So from a safety stand point with young kids in the house it may be safer to just go with the hand held so i can aim the light with out pointing the weapon at what I'M looking at.
Conquering Low Light

Here is a very good video from Crimson Site.Go to Crimson and click on videos on left side on screen.Now click on Chapter 3 (conquering low light-ken hackathorn)found this very interesting.:biggrin:
LOL yes it is. I love that DVD i have it along with the catalog in my filing cabinet. I hear bad things about crimson trace. Think i will just go with night sights and maybe a TRL-1.
Crimson Trace

I was thinking of getting one for myself after watching video and yet to hear anything bad on crimson trace.What can you tell me about these?What kind of bad stuff are you hearing?Don't want to waste money on something not worth getting if you know what I mean.:cray:

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