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I was talking to a friend of mine today that lives in TX and we was discussing my upcoming CWP class, and he asked me if i have ever had anything on my record, and i replied NO as i have NEVER been arrested nor convicted of anything and he said OK. Then he asked me if i have ever had a Check bounce and have to go to the LEC to take care of it. Then it hit me.. I had to reply yes. As back when i was young and Dumb i did have a rubbery check and was never aware it bounced. And one afternoon a LEO came calling, he told me when i get a chance to get to the LEC and clear it up. I immediately drove up there to clear my name. and did so with the Company that i bounced with..... that has been roughly 12-14 years ago.

So my friend told me that when i fill out my CWP paperwork i BETTER put that down because they will find it.. But i don't even know if it is on my record or anything. That would be the only ONE time or thing that is on my record if it is even..

My question is how should i approach this? My friend said he had the same deal and they sent his app back and he had to fix it and resend it. And with South Carolina being 90 days return on CWP i don't want to hold it up anymore than it will already be held up..

Can anyone tell me how i could obtain a COMPLETE sled check? Mainly because of the fact i have no clue when this all took place i can just guesstimate. and he told me i should try to put the period of when i thought it was on my app. like as in 1994-2000 just to be thourough. But i really don'y know what i should do... Any help? Thanks in advance!

I doubt very much that you will be denied because of a one time old bounced check. It was taken care of and you were not arrested so the impact would be minimal. Just list it on the form and you should be good to go. I have a friend that had a NC conviction (no time served, jut a fine) for marijuana possession in the early 80's. He got his CWP because it went over 90 days. He also got a letter from SLED stating that the Sheriff did not recommend him for a CWP. After talking to the Sheriff about the situation and his clean record the Sheriff wrote a letter to SLED and now he has his CWP. I really don't think you much to worry about. If something does come up about it go ahead and handle it then.
Ask your instructor about it... but it won't hurt to mention it on the back of the form.... As mentioned above, I don't think it can effect your getting your permit.... something like that in the distant past has to be a conviction, go to court and a judge bangs his or her gavel at you. But your application can be denied for not being 'honest' on the form.

I know of one CWP holder that was for sure convicted of what was a felony in 1978 but is now only a misdemeanor... manufacturing marijuana, by listing it on the application it was not a problem.
Just for future reference i talked to my instructor and he said there shouldn't be a problem but to call SLED to make sure. So i just called them and they told me as long as the check was under $1000.00 i had nothing to worry about. So i guess if this question ever arises again then we all know the answer! YAY!! :dance3:

thanks for the input as well guys..
From what I have been told from many different sources that if you list something like that there won't be a problem. If you don't and they run across it then they will reject your application. Much like the traffic ticket deal where you just say I have traffic tickets and unless they are DUI and fall into the time frame or Reckless driving etc. they just let them go. If you don't put down anything they will reject it. (may have changed since I got mine). The main thing is be honest and explain. Something like that I would put down I once bounced a check for $25 but took care of it. That way they won't be surprised if it shows up.
Listing isn't required.

Nothing on the new form requires you to list offenses or possible offenses.
It just asks if you can legally purchase a handgun.
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Well ain't that the ticket!

they actually made something simpler.... who in the world came up with that?
they can't have worked in S.C. government very long.....

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