Need some advice about Kimber Pro carry


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I recently got my CCW, and it doesn't matter which holster I try my HK p2000 prints really bad. Is it too hard to figure out how to sell on as far as shipping laws and all that? My local store, Clyde's in Athens, ga has a Kimber Pro carry brand new for $800 which I would like to buy with the proceeds. Is this gun going to be any easier to carry without printing? Would you recommend any specific holster.

WOW! Thanks so much for all the help guys. I mean I really appreciate it. Guess I will have to find another board to post on.
I see you posted the OP on Saturday March 14 at 8:34pm, it sometimes takes a couple of days for responses. I carry a Kimber Ultra Carry and it conceals quite well. Different body types and sizes sometimes require different ways or cloths for optimum concealment. I carry both IWB and OWB at about the 4:00 position. Finding what's right for you may take some experimenting.
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I have a Kimber CDP II ultra carry and it hides very well have had no one see in on me. I us the Infidel IWB from Comp-Tec it work for me. Hope this helps
I've carried both the Ultra Carry II and now the ultra CDP. With a Comp-Tac Infidel IWB holster. This setup seem to work great for me. Even with cargo shorts and a Tee shirt it hides well.
My wife carries a Springfield EMP, which is pretty much the same size as that Kimber. She's not tall, and she can conceal it.
I carry a Kimber Pro Carry in a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB. Not only is it comfortable, but very concealable also. I have never been "made".

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