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Got some comments back on another post site and they were pretty well divided down the middle. Considering three pistols for carry. Have contacted my CFO and the price of up to about $1,000 was okay. I did not select the slim G-36 because of just 6 shots, but otherwise was fine as well. If I can't hit anything with 7-10 shots and maybe an extra clip, maybe I need a Thompson instead. :-)

1. SIG P220 Equinox
2. Glock G-30
3. Kimber Pro Carry II stainless

I have a stainless Beretta FS-92, but it is a bit long and with 15 in the mag, my sense was to get about a 4 inch barrel .45 cal. The full size 1911 is nice, but not for me to carry regularly. I strongly prefer stainless, living in Georgia and frequently going to Florida. My .38s are both stainless, the .357 is stainless (686), the Berettas, the 1911, and so on. I am large, okay very large, 6'5, 280+ pounds and XXL glove size, you know, between Neanderthal and great ape hands. What are some of your good experiences and bad with these particular firearms? Reliability, reasonable accuracy to at least 50 feet or so paramount. For example, I have had exactly zero misfeeds in the Beretta to date, after thousands of rounds and routine cleaning, but it is unsuitable for regular carry for me. Thanks for the input.

Have you absolutely given up on the G-36?

That's what I carry everyday. It is a great little gun, and I paid about $550 NIB. The 6 in a mag isn't so bad, considering if you carry one chambered, and get a holster that holds an extra mag, that's 13 rounds you're packing.

Besides, they say most confrontations involving firearms are at 3 yards or less, last for 3 seconds or less, and involve 3 shots or less.
Given your selection, and that you seem to be most familiar with "point and shoot" type weapons, I would give the nod to the Glock 30.

Now if it were me I'd select a 3" GP100 in .357 magnum, but that's me, and not you. I would also back it up with a 2 1/4" SP101 in the same caliber. In fact, that's what I most often carry off duty as I started on a wheelgun years ago and have never lost my fondness for them.

The Glock gets scratched or roughed up you will not cry. Sigs great guns ,Kimbers work of art.
Going with the SIG Sauer P220 Equinox. My sense from the replies is all three guns are fine, a matter of personal choice at this point. Also, the SIG felt better in my King Kong sized hands. It will cost me my firstborn, but my CFO says up to $1,000 okay.:-) Thanks for the input.
All are fine firearms. And I'm glad I'm not the one having to make the decision. But as others, I'll add my 2 cents: Nothing makes me look better at the range than a Sig Sauer. I shoot it better than any other handgun. Period. While I think your 3 choice were all good ones, your final choice was the one I would have chosen. I own a Sig Sauer Compact P220 and can't say enough good about it... Good luck; let us know how it turns out.
Wow. I just wish that the company that I work for didn't forbid carrying on company property, let alone be willing to buy one for me. :D

Might be time for a career change. ;)
I have owned Sigs and Kimbers and must say they were good guns, but I've settled on GLOCK during the last few years. I currently have two G-30s that have consecutive serial numbers which I bet my life and the lives of my loved ones on. They are accurate to a fault out to "sociable ranges," with fifty feet not being a problem. They are controllable with mild recoil for .45 calibers and I'm able to place accurate follow-up shots easily. Also, in every GLOCK I've ever owned (and I've owned more than a few), I've never experienced ANY misfeeds or jams - and that's with ALL brands of ammo, from el cheapo and dirty to expensive and clean.
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I too am quite large (6'6" approx 305 lbs). However, when you mention that several of your handguns are unsuitable for everyday carry, you don't say in what way. If you mean that they don't conceal well, that could just be due to your choice of holster. IWB does the trick for me with my Glock 22, and I have to tell you that's a pretty big gun. I wear untucked t shirts and shorts and IWB conceals my gun pretty well. The Glock 30 isn't nearly as big as the 22, and with you not being that much smaller than me, concealing it should not be a problem in an IWB hoslter.

I have the Kimber CDP Ultra II and I must say it is one fine gun. But will cost you around $1100.00. Now I have the M&P in the 40c compact and love it too. Now the up side is the M&P will not get nick up as bad but if you carry in a nice holster you should be fine. All in all I would not trade my Kimber for a tuck load of some other guns.

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