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I need help making up my mind.. Over a Moss590 sp, or a Century arms Ak47. what are the pro's of it? I have a whole set in mind for it for a grand cost of around 700 (including the gun it's self). Then the moss 590 i have a set up in mind for that as well I would just like feed back from the Ak47 owners I am posting here as i am not a member of the group and can not post in there. The set up for the ak, would be a folding m4 stock, finger grove pistol grip, Ris kit, Command arms flashlight grip Adaptor, sure fire G6, green laser and a small red dot scope like this one up front.. Barska Electro Sight Multi Reticle Red Dot Sight AC10632 w/ FREE UPS.

Any feed back would be great, ( if my mind is not made up for me Dew to a NEW AWB)

So what is your purpose for this gun? Home Defense N maybe some small game, then the Mossberg has my vote, with some OO buck or slug is a far more devastating weapon more so than the AK, N gun broker has one that is going for 300 now Gun broker Mossberg 590. Looking for longer range then the AK, SHTF ammo availability then the AK. both are fun to shoot, but the AK would be more fun at the range. Each gun has big pluses, so why not just go for a cheaper AK and buy both?
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AKs are like glocks and ammo is affordable,Mossburgs are also great guns but ammo is getting high.The reason for having it is paramount and who will us it .
+1 for the AK-47.. I love mine. very fun for playing. also as mentioned the price of ammo may be better. I just bought a case of 1000 rounds for 199. more than twice as much as I used to pay just 4 years ago.. but with the way everything is going up in price it's still a good choice if you wanna have some ammo stored for it.
I would love to get both, But seeing as my loving wife is letting me get two guns as it is i am not going to push for 3. I am picking up my M&P with imcome tax and that's when i would pick this up. I am looking for something for Home D. The shotgun would do that the Ak would do that do but it may go in and out and keep going. Over at buds the Ak is about 50 or more then the 590. 590 is like 380 i think and the ak is around 400. As i do not do much hunting as i live by if your not going to eat it or use it in some way way kill it. I am also looking for something the wife can use when i am way. That's i was looking at a shotgun. It's cheaper in the long run and it can be used for more things then the ak can. Keep the feedback coming i would like to know all the pros and con's of the Ak. As i am new to them not shotguns..

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