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Im trying to get a unrestricted pistol permit in Orange County NY I have had my
permit for 2yrs, and have my court date but not sure what to say, and not make the
Judge mad any help would be greatly helpfull Tom!

Guy Masterson

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Tom, Prepare to be clear on your reasoning why you reasonably believe the unrestricted permit offers you additional safety that is actually relevant. Explain that you are not just seeking privilege for no sound reason, but express experiences you have had or info you can access that points to the validity of your specific scenario and needs. This is the key thinking that the Judge is looking for to validate the extra trust. Satisfy the judge's need for validation & due cause.


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Hey Tom,

I'm also an New York State Resident. I have had my Pistol Permit since 2001 which was Restricted to Hunting/Target In March of 2008 I decieded I wanted to request an Upgrade to Un-Restricted Permit. Here Is How, I received my Un-Restricted Pistol Permit.

#1- I Obtained an Pennslyvania's License to Carry Firearms, From Centre County Sheriff Denny Nau.

#2- After recieving my LTCF Permit from PA, I Respectfully Requested My Up-Grade Request (PA Permit Only Took 3 Days)

#3- In the section for my reason for Upgrading I wrote this. Dear Judge I'am at this time Respectfuuly Requesting an Un-Restricted Pistol Permit. Due to The Reason's, That I will be Traveling, and Hunting in PA this year. In order for myself to be within legal status while traveling On New York States Thruways, I would need my Unrestricted Permit. Beiing my Permit is Resticted to Hunting/Target which does not allow me to Carry My Weapon Legally while Traveling.
A- there are no 24 hour shooting ranges along the New York State's Thruway
B- Also to be Legal while Crossing State Lines, I would need my Un-Restricted
C- Upon examining The Penal Laws pertaining to Possesion,and
Transporting my Weapon, In order to be Completely Legal
I would Require Un-Restricted Pistol Permit.
Once I submitted my request it only took 3 weeks for my acceptance letter to arrive in the mail. You Can Change the wording, in order to better fit your needs. But, This request worked for me. Good Luck to You.. Let Us Know how it turns out for you.


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Well your advise worked I now have a unrestricted permit thanks again you are the man lol!!

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