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This is my first post and I just want to say thanks for the great site and everyone on it.

My question is in my state of Nebraska we do have the CCW law but there some resrictions. AS

In the State of Nebraska where can a CCW Permit holder Not carry a concealed handgun.

A permit holder may carry a concealed weapon anywhere except:police, sheriff, or Nebraska State Patrol station or office; Detention facility, prison, or jail;Courtroom or building containing a courtroom; Polling place during a bona fide election; Meeting of the governing body of a county, public school district, municipality, or other political subdivision; Meeting of the Legislature or a committee of the Legislature; Financial institutions as defined by Nebraska Revised Statutes ; Professional, semi-professional, or collegiate athletic event; School, school grounds, school-owned vehicle, or school sponsored activity or athletic event; Place of worship; Emergency room or trauma center; Political rally or fundraiser; Establishment having a liquor license which derives over one half of its income from the sale of alcoholic liquor; Any place where the carrying or possession of a firearm is prohibited by state or federal law; Any place or premises or employer owned vehicle where those in control of the place, premises or vehicle have prohibited permit holders from carrying concealed handguns; Any other place or premises where handguns are prohibited by law or rule or regulation.

I attend a very large church and am on the churches visable security team and in the state of Nebraska you are not allowed to carry a CCW in a "PLACE OF WORSHIP". Me and the church are working on trying to get that changed. For example you are not allowed to carry in a bank unless you are demmed a security guard. So my question is can someone point us in the right direction to what to look for or whom to talk to that we may get this bill at lest looked at. We are just trying to figure out what we need to do to get the state to allow people or even just trained, demmed security to be able to carry while in church.

Thanks. Dave

Hi, Dave.

I wish you luck!

NE has one of the longest lists of Criminal Safety Zones of any state, which attests directly to the statists of Lincoln and Omaha as well as the not-do-admirable state patrol.

My suggestion is that you start with your state senator. Really get the numbers after him/her. Then get your congregation networking with other congregations to buttonhole THEIR senators. Once politicians realize that people are serious about an issue, they WILL pay attention. It's a numbers game. Believe me, you CAN make a difference, you just have to hang with it.

There is absolutely NO reason-- the recent tragic events aside-- that law-abiding people should not be able to protect themselves in their church, of all places. Besides, it should be an issue for the individual congregation to decide.

As above, I wish you the best of luck. Hang with it and you WILL prevail.
Welcome to USA Carry, Dave. Enjoy the site!

My suggestion would be to contact your state rep. If your particular state rep is known to be in favor of gun control, my suggestion would be to find one who is a strong gun rights supporter and contact him. Furthermore, it would do your group some good to enlist the help of a local gun rights organization.
Thanks for the help!! There is around 7000 people that attend my church so we are hoping to find a senator or someone with a stong political hold that acually attends the church that might go to bat for us.

I couldn't agree more about protecting ourselfs and the especially all the kids that are in church. Talk about being vonuable, a predator can walk into a church slinging steel but I'm not alowed to protect myself or anyone else this law needs look at.

Thanks agian.


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