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I have to go to Tennessee very shortly for a funeral. I have a valid Georgia Firearms License (GFL). I want to make sure I am legal in Tennessee. There is reciprocity between these states. Both concealed and open carry? Places off-limits? Is a holster required in Tennessee for carry? That is about all, unless you think I missed something. Putting two new tires on the car and an alignment and then off to TN. Like American Express, I never leave home without it. Have to take the Beretta FS92 stainless with 15 in the clip and one in the pipe. The P220R-45-EQ is on order and not here yet. Thanks for the help.

You are good OC or CC. Off limits will be any federal property, state parks, schools. None of that will probably effect you if you won't be here long. One thing that might is that you can not carry into an establishment that sells alcohol for consumption on the premises. That meas any bar or any restaurant that serves alcohol. You also can not carry into any place that is posted, but it has to be properly posted in order to be valid. If I were visiting, I would just not carry in a place that was posted, just to be safe...or make sure you are well concealed. If you get caught and it is posted properly, it's a misdemeanor. If it's not posted properly, you aren't breaking any laws but the store can ask you to leave. You probably won't even see a posted establishment. It's not that common.

For eating out, just pick a place that does not serve alcohol. Cracker Barrel is one of our favorites. There aren't too many that don't serve alcohol. We're hoping for a change in that law this year. It's really a PITA.
Thanks for your reply. Leaving in the morning for Bulls Gap for the funeral. I believe that the vast majority of licensees try to obey the laws where they carry and when. Count me as one.

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