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I recently bought a KAHR P45 for the wife and I have a problem with it:

It ejects brass very wildly, I even had one come straight back and hit me in the forehead. Now granted, I am still within the "200 round recommended break in period", but this is a little disturbing.

A search around the web shows that there is at least one other person showing this problem.

Any suggestions on what to do to? Or is this something that may work itself out after it is broken in?:wacko:

Hello Austin

I have a Kahr P45 as well and for the most part it ejects the brass just fine. I do recall one time that it did clunk me on the forehead. I will have to chalk that one to limp wristing. It is a light weight gun and really needs a firm grip. Of course this may not be the case but it is a possibility. I also have a Colt Defender that has, on occasion, done the same thing.

Let me know how it works out
joeren hit the nail on the head. Limp wristing will cause the brass to come straight back. Watch and see where the muzzle ends up after firing a round. If it's almost vertical then the wrist are breaking and you'll have to work on your grip and locking your wrist.

It is definitely a possibility that the problem is operator error.

I will post back after I have fired the "200 round break-in period."

Thanks for the timely responses as it does not go unappreciated.
I think one of these (P45) is in my future in the next few weeks... just gotta find one for the right price.:ticking:

Well...... one problem down and yet another to take its place.

After some research I have found that KAHR pistols like to be greased and not just oiled.

The cycling has gotten better but now there is a new problem: the trigger has intermittent failures (with every mag i shoot).

I took it back to the gunshop and talked with the gunsmith, it is being sent back to KAHR to be fixed (hopefully).

My overall consensus is now this: Why sell a pistol in the $500+ range that is unreliable and will not function correctly until you fire 200+ rounds through it to "break it in"? Not to mention the fact that the pistol had a complete mechanical failure within that break in period.

KAHR makes these pistols to be ultra concealable to encourage CCL carry. But what they have failed to do is make a pistol that will function in the moment of truth.

Is an unreliable CCL carry pistol worse than not carrying at all? I am thinking so.
I feel your pain. Just try not to judge the entire PM45 line of pistols (1000's of them) by your expirence with one of them. Break-in periods are normal and needed. Even cars have them. It's a shame about your trigger failure but you can't make 1000's of anything and not have a bad one once in a while. I'm sure Khar will make it right and you'll love the gun.
you can't make 1000's of anything and not have a bad one once in a while.

I have to agree this is a true statement although Walther never made things right on my PPKS and I have never considered one EVER after my bad experience. I wonder how Kahr will do in the end.
My 'new to me' P9 displayed the same problem. For no apparent reason it would seem that the trigger would not reset. It was returned to Kahr, (free), and they replaced a part, (don't remember what and I'm layed up so I can't check my paperwork). It has been 100% relliable with >500 rnds through it. I agree, kind of a pain but once resolved I am still a Kahr fan.

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