Need Help CCw in car


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Hello I will be driving through several states and I would like to know the regulation concerning carrying a handgun in car. I have an Ohio CCW

These are the states that i will be passing by.
Indiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Oklahoma Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina.

Thank you.


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I know you want to save time, but Google each state's laws that you plan to drive through. "Carrying a handgun" in a car will mean different things to different states. Does it have to be concealed? Is it required to be in the open? Are you required to notify the Officer you are carrying? In TX you are required to advise the Officer and have your CHL with your DL. YMMV


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I had my own concerns about travel in NM, I called them and they told me it was ok to carry gun in car loaded or unloaded, just don't get out of the car with it concealed on your person. Since then Ark has signed an agreement with other honoring each others CCL.


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Guess I am behind the curve here. I've carried for years and carried everywhere. I know i was illegal at times, sure. Luckily I've never been in a situation where my or my wife's life was in danger courtesy of thugery. My handgun was always concealed, carefully although not rediculously and uselessly deep, I simply dressed accordingly. State laws be damned. As I said, luckily I've not had to defend my life. But if I had to, wherever I was and legally or not, I'd still then be alive to be punished assuming I was successful in the fight. Sure, many will opt for being legal, period. Thats ok for them, no problem. As for me, I may or may not have (hehe) carried while driving/working in WI, IL, NY, NJ, VT, all the way to GA, TX, NM, and on to CA, OR, WA and on and on... Nobody knew, nobody cared. Of course, one could throw out that overused, yet somehow applicable, verbage of "better judged by 12 than carried by 6", but I won't. OOPS, guess I just did!

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