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Hi everyone sorry for the repost i live in rockland county ny i'm a nys peace officer with firearms,certified correction officer,just recently employed with federal bureau of prisons as a c/o and can carry on my credientials in all 50 of the states,my problem is my local judge is breaking my horns because i see a doctor for anxiety and wants to deny my permit what can i do i now have a hearing for the judge to evaluate me i can't believe this with all my training and credientials please help!

How did he find out about your problem?
Have you been disarmed by your employer due to it?
Do you have a union?
It seems this judge is overstepping his bounds.
He found out through my background,not been disarmed by my employer not in the union yet i applied for this civilian permit before i got the job withthe feds which i start on june,23 i just don't understand how he can evaluate me i have a letter from my doc which i summited and states he sees no physical or pscy reason i should not posses a firearm !
Im assuming by evaluate, he means he wants to see you and talk with you. From what I understand that is his right as the issuing judge. He is a judge and not a doctor, so he cannot evaluate you in a mental way.
Just have your papers from the doctors. I just hope this dont screw up your job with the feds.
Have you spoken with a lawyer???
I hope it does not screw me up either not , have not spoken to a lawyer yet money is tight,i guess he wants to talk the letter states testimony will be taken concerning whether my present mental treatment and condition warrants denial of a permit! this is the hardest county to get a permit this guy is so anti gun the letter makes me sound like i just got out of a mental ward or something!
I wish you luck. Bring all the documentation you need.
Well, we can blame all the liberal left wing new yorkers for our problems.
If I didnt have my whole family here I wouild move away. Instead im staying and will fight. Time to get people organized and start voting for people who support our rights.
I agree 100% i will let you know how i make out hopefully fine thanks for the talk and keep fighting!
I live in Dutchess County. My wife had a hard time getting her permit because she had been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder after her mother and sister were murdered by her step father (sixteen years ago!). She had to get a note from a psychiatrist stating that there was no contra-indication for her to have a firearm. It took quite a while (and a pretty penny) to find a doc who would see her for permit purposes. Most of them simply said "we don't do pistol permit evaluations."

They knew about the diagnosis because we put it right on the application. We wanted to be completely forthcoming and honest. Better to have them deny it at the start and fight for it, then to have them deny the permit for "lying" on the application (even though we didn't think it really applied to the purpose of the question). Then we would have no recourse. She does have her permit now, and we're getting ready to go get her first handgun soon. Woo hoo!

Anyway, sorry to go on about my experience. In your case I would say have all your paperwork in order when you see the judge. The doctor's professional opinion is that you are not a dangerous person to carry a firearm. If the judge says otherwise, you have great grounds to sue. The judge is not qualified to evaluate your mental health, only a doctor is. By that time the Supreme Court most likely will already have ruled that the 2nd is an individual right (DC vs Heller). I think you would have grounds to say that the Rockland judge is arbitrarily imposing unreasonable restrictions on your individual right to keep and bear arms. If you lose your civilian permit, your c/o credentials should still allow you to carry with your badge. This should give you time to fight the Rockland judge.

If you do get your permit pulled by this brady-on-a-bench, I think some of the pro-gun organizations out there might support you in an effort to use your case as one of the first to push forward after the new Supreme Court ruling. Such a case would make other judges think twice before imposing their own values on others' rights.

DO keep us informed as to what happens when you meet with the judge! We are all keenly interested.
I will keep everybody informed this is just crazy the judge is the most anti gun person i have ever seen i just can't believe he is trying to deny me being a c/o for the federal goverment he must not have all my credientials to be going foward with this, and i'm able to carry regardless what he say's on my badge, thanks for your input!
It is just ridiculous that you have to go through this. I'm sorry I don't have anything to add to help you except if this judge denies you be sure to get a lawyer and fight. I'm on disability but I can help a little with your defense fund if you need it and maybe others here would also. I too am thinking of moving but want to stay and fight like pistol pete.
Thanks to you and everybody for the support i have to meet with this judge on july 15 i will be sure to post right after i get out!!!!!
What is the point? If you can carry, as you say you can as a federal officer, just tell the judge you changed you mind. I would just call and tell his secretary I no longer wish to proced just drop it.
Well, at some point, mikesk is going to want to retire, and then he'll need his civilian permit to be able to carry. It is actually good that he is facing this now instead of later. Doing it now allows him to carry on his badge while he takes the time to fight for his civilian permit. If he didn't run into this resistance until he retired, he would be unarmed for however long it takes to fight it.
Mikesk, one question - do you work in the same county where you live? If you live in Rockland, but work in a neighboring county, you can pursue a permit in that county as well. A friend of mine lives in Orange County, but works as a peace officer in Ulster County. His Orange County permit has target/hunting restrictions on it (which are meaningless I know, but that's for another thread) and some LE friends in Ulster told him to transfer his permit to Ulster if Orange gives him a hard time about removing the restrictions. I askled how he could do that and was informed that you can pursue a permit either in the county you live in, or in the county you work in.
To 99sparks the point is our right to carry drop it no way after spending the money plus this judge is anti-gun if i drop it he won again and all federal leo's are covered under hr218 from congress to carry 24/7 in all 50! To rheaj i live in rockland work in orange maybe i will try that but the point of giving up and letting him win really burns me this is what happens when you allow the issuing authority to make their own rules and challenge our god given rights i contacted a couple of lawyers and they all told me to go ahead so the fight continues.
Well today is the day for this so called hearing that is crazy i have a lawyer and he can't understand this either well i will let you all know after 3:00 today wish me luck!!!1
Mikesk, I'm glad it went well but can you tell us what happen during the hearing? If you'd rather not, I understand.
The whole thing was a unbelieveable my laywer put me on the stand and asked me basic questions i was made to feel like a criminal because i was asking for a pistol permit my right to bear arms then the judge started with me having anxiety and asked me to explain to him what it was. The thing that really made me mad was at one point he refered to me as the defendant and had to be corrected that really made me mad i mean i'm there for a bullsh## reason and then he say's that.So after all my credentials were presented and training he turn to me and say's he will render judgement and i should recieve a letter i was so mad i think i deserved a answer right then and there.Bottom line is we need to fix this problem in ny quick or this will happen in all areas of ny total joke in my eye's.

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