need help 9mm or 40


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I carry a glock 19 daily but was looking at the 23 (40 cal) I see 40 blowing up so was wondering if 40 was any better then 9mm not looking for a caliber war thanks in advance for your info

I've had pt 140 but traded it for a glock 19 was thinking about going back to 40 but when you look up 40 cal glock all you see is the glocks that blow up so not sure
You would see some extra wear in a Glock 23 say over a Glock 19 after thousands of rounds. Some folks see that as a reason to go with a 9mm. I see the gun as a tool. If the tool has an advantage over other tools except it may not last as long, i can budget for that. I really really reslly never want to get involved in a deadly force shooting and train to stay out of one, and have managed not to get in one of 30 plus years of CC, but if i do ever get involved in a shooting, it will be with a substantial caliber.

Besides, mine has pressure release valves to keep it from blowing. Lol
When looking at choice of caliber you also have to look at the kind of ammo available. Really good 9mm self defense rounds are just as good as 40.
This being said most of the time I have a .45 at my side.
9mm over .40.
I tend to run away from stupid people. Here is my idea of a stupid guy, pushing stupid ideas. Now, is he correct this time?

I carry 10mm or larger in the wild. .40 in urban areas. 9mm for paper targets at PDPA.


Buy the gun the .40S&W was designed for and not have a worry. So even though I have 3 generations of double stacked 9mm S&Ws, I also have a S&W 4006 that I can handle just about as well as a 1911 in .22lr.

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