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I am tired of supporting liberal web sites, and would like input on how to avoid them. Presently, and for the past few years, my ISP (Internet Service Provider) has been AOL, an ultraliberal outfit. The email that I use the most is Yahoo, another big liberal supporter.

I pay about $10 every month to AOL for dialup, and get their McAfee antivirus stuff. I consider it a fair price. I just feel that it is wrong to support enemies of our country, and of our way of life.

Check out AT&T or your local phone company - they can provide a much more reliable internet connection.

As for email, don't use your provider's email - go get a permanent email address - buy your own domain name - it's only $10/year, and use Google Apps for your Domain (Free) to host your mail.
Back in my dial-up days, I quit using AOL, and switched to NetZero. $10 a month, and alot less crap to deal with than AOL. But then I got high-speed and I'm never turning back. :biggrin:
johnduglus34, I do not fully understand your post. A quick google search brought up hits on this possible scam. What has many problems with dial-up connections, the scam? Or you?

I didn't mind much that I had dial-up at home for years, because I could use the office high speed connection at work. The terrible economy caused us to shut down, so now I am underemployed without an office, and barely scraping by, financially.
Don't Feel ALONE that's all I got & I still TWO FINGER TYPE maybe three on a good day :biggrin: T/Y/D

LOL so your one of them hunt and peck guys. Nothing wrong with that what ever works for you and gets the job done. But it's really slow. Cant say that i have ever used dial up internet service. I hear that it's ungodly slow? I do however feel your pain about being jobless and having little to no money I'm in the same boat. On the plus side illegal immigration is down and they are flooding back over the board to escape.:biggrin::biggrin: Glade to see the slow economy is doing what we could not do with all our board guards and fences:biggrin:. Keep your head up things should get better soon ( A least that's what I hope and keep telling me self)

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