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I have the CCW Paperwork from MN but don't have a POC Sheriff's office. The instructions state the out of state (non-residents) can apply and be granted a permit from any Sheriff's office. Need a good POC to submit find out the appropriate fees. Can someone assist? Thanks

Cheers T.I.

I'm not sure what you mean by POC. If by POC you mean Point of Contact, then you can call any sheriff's office, such as Link Removed

As you state, a non resident can apply to any sheriff's office in the state but you must apply in person, and you must have taken training from someone certified by a group acceptable to the MN BCA. I would suggest that you avoid Ramsey county. Their denial rate of 13.5% is over 10 times that of the rest of the state.

The fee is $100.

You'll also find out that Minnesota doesn't have a CCW permit. It's simply a Permit to Carry. We have no concealment requirement.
I would get in contact with Nicollet County Sheriff's Office. I know that this office is a BIG supported of your 2A rights and I think will be able to help you out.

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