NEED ASSISTANCE PLEASE! Looking for a tactical vest...

Hey there everyone, let's see if you can help me out...

I recently purchased the following tactical vest...
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I ordered it as a right-hand cross-draw, Coyote Tan & XL/2XL in sizing.
I was able to adjust the belt (fine), and shoulders (fine), however, once zipped up, the vest is VERY TIGHT. I usually wear at a minimum, heavy t-shirts, but this time of year, I will be wearing a t-shirt & sweat shirt, so, this fit in the belly/chest does not work for me..., and, they did not have a larger size. Even in a t-shirt, I need to measure out, comfortably, a minimum of 46-48"...

I was wondering what you guys are using that would meet my requirements...?

I liked the VooDoo because of price, I was able to select Coyote Tan (but would be happy w/tan, dark earth..., worst case - Black), I like the crossdraw (however, I would like to make sure that the cross-draw function would work w/a small/med/large frame semi-auto w/rail & attached light - ADJUSTABLE)..., I would like 2-3 (2 round min) ar15 mag carriers on the right side and at least 2-3 double-stack pistol magazines above the cross-draw (possibly a 3rd on the crossdraw holster / as pictured)..., and then a large tactical belt, d-rings, drag handle and misc pouch...

What have you used or currenly use that meets my requirements...

ALSO - pricing is no longer a factor..., I want to spend the money now to purchase a rig that will work for me exactly the way I want it to and last a long time.

You can reply to this topic or e-mail me directly @: [email protected].

Thanks in advance for any and all information. It would be greatly appreciated.

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