Need advice on letter to judge to remove restriction

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Should i include a lifetime abstract of my drivers license showing that i am a good catholic boy?


Dear Honorable XX :

On XXXXX, I was issued a Pistol Permit, number XXXXXX, granted by you. I am writing you today requesting your Honor to review my file. I am hoping to have the “Target Shooting” restriction reviewed and removed from my permit.

Since the date of issuance, I have had no contact with any Law Enforcement agency, and I have sustained long-term employment at an architectural firm where I am a partner. I have taken a voluntary advance handgun course (six classes over six weeks) that ended on XXX with XXXXXXX (See the attached certificate). As a result of taking this course, I plan to continue taking the class and I regularly shoot at the range and understand safety first, which I practiced anytime I am around guns.

In my current role as an employer/architect with seven employees, I manage banking deposits (sometimes cash), hire and fire employees, and manage projects throughout New York. In my free time, I am an avid runner and “that guy” running at 6 am with a flashlight. My daily running route is adjacent to Normans Kill Creek, where it is possible to come into contact with dangerous animals, and it would be reassuring to have a weapon to protect myself if the need arises.

I understand there is an increased responsibility with an unrestricted license and feel my gun safety training has prepared me for the continued safe use of my firearm and that deadly force cannot be used in defense of property, cash or belongings of any value.

As mentioned earlier, I plan to take additional classes and live-fire courses and join the NRA to enhance my knowledge. As an upstanding citizen in the community with high moral and ethical character, I am a good candidate for an unrestricted pistol license. I fully understand circumstances will dictate that I not carry concealed such as in those areas prohibited by State or Federal law and please be assured that it is not my intent to carry or possess a firearm on a regular or daily basis. I am requesting the permit be unrestricted to avoid any incidental or unintentional violations of restrictions. I fully understand it is my obligation to be aware and follow the laws. Because of my training and competency and my firm belief that I am of good moral and ethical character, I would like to respectfully request I be considered for unrestricted carry for all lawful purposes in Albany County and NYS.

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