NC. State of Emergency.


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Does the SOE being issued affect our our ccw rights. I understand there was a proclamation section 7 that there would be no limitations on weapons. Anyone ave any feedback?


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I would hope that there is an exemption however I don't know. It would stink to have your descreet carry rights taken away in the western part of the state for a storm a hundred miles away.


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Read the last 2 or 3 posts of "No Lawyers only Guns and Money" for the long answer, this topic was addressed. I would give you the link but im on my cell phone. Anti-google it.

Short answer: im pretty sure you cannot transport alcohol or other flammable liquids or any deadly weapon under a NC state of emergency based on the 2 sections of legal code the governor used to declare said condition.
Yep, NC statues state that if the governor OR a municipality declares a SOE "sale, possession and transport of dangerous weapons 'off one's own property'" is illegal. If you live in NC, I'd urge you to contact your state reps and get that changed very soon.


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With the SOE she passed executive order 103, section 7 states that the SOE does NOT affect Fuel firearms or alcohol.


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With the SOE she passed executive order 103, section 7 states that the SOE does NOT affect Fuel firearms or alcohol.

It doesn't matter what Gov. Perdue put in Section 7 saying it doesn't affect guns, etc. By declaring a state of emergency under Chapter 14 of the NC General Statutes, the law states that off-premises possession of a firearm in the emergency area is forbidden. It does not say "at the Governor's discretion". She can go further and ban the sale of firearms and ammunition along with alcohol but the minimum is forbidding carry when a SOE is declared. She cannot arbitrarily decide which part of the law she wants to follow or not.

She could have just declared a state of emergency under Chapter 166A of the NCGS which she did in the last three emergencies. It does not trigger the gun ban. This time she said under her power from BOTH Chapter 166A and Chapter 14.

I thought she had learned her lesson from Hurricane Earl when she got a lot of grief about it. The next 3 SOE's were carefully crafted to avoid the gun ban. And then along comes Irene. Jeez.

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money: Hurricane Irene Brings With It The Usual NC State Of Emergency

And from last year on Hurricane Earl

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money: Rumor Mongerer


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I managed to find the information on this and it seems that muccione is correct. thefollowing link with take you to the .pdf

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