NC Introduces bill to repeal "Stand your ground" law


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Just heard about this bill to repeal Stand Your Ground in NC ( If passed the law would now impose a duty to retreat if possible, except in your home.

I'm not sure it has the votes to go anywhere in the state assembly though.

I don't want that as part of the law, however personally in any situation other than in my own house where I have the possibility to retreat rather than use deadly force, I'm going to retreat, if for no other reason than to avoid the immense legal hassle of using deadly force (although obviously there are other reasons to avoid deadly force if possible). But I don't feel that should be a legal requirement, too easy for someone who wasn't there to Monday morning quarterback and later say you had the option to retreat, when in the moment you didn't see that as a reasonable possibility and had to make a split second decision.

Sounds like some Progressive elements in NC are trying to flex their muscle since a Damnokrap took over a governor.

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