Natl Park carry WILL be revised!!!


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I hope it is in our favor.

Sounds like it might long as you live in a state where carry in a park is legal. The jist that I'm reading is that they'll offer a loose change to the regulation to match the public lands clauses that many states have in their approved places of carry. I think the Federal goverment needs to align their FEDERAL lands with the Bill of Rights. We'll let the State goverment regulate their STATE lands in accordance with each STATE'S Constitution. I don't think their reply is satisfactory enough to me.

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I hope the 50 Senators oversee the drafting of the regulation. Also National carry would go along with this perfectly!


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I do not support national carry at all, it takes away states rights and gives more power to the federal govt. What would you think if national carry was the same process that Massachusetts's uses to issue permits? Bet you wouldn't like it then, and thats exactly what would happen if say the ATF took over carry permits for the whole country.

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From what I have read on the proposal it continues to allow the states to set their own criteria for issuing permits. It only requires all states to accept other states permits. Just like drivers license are now. I have a permit SC SC and I have a drivers license from SC. As an American citizen I can drive anywhere in the US with my SC license, as an American Citizen I can only carry in states that accept my state. Does it make sense not being able to carry in a gun free zone, do we become instantly dangerous. No we don't. Same way with states, just because I don't meet their requirements does that make me more dangerous? I'm tired of having to bypass Gun Free States. If I can carry responsibly here I can carry responsibly anywhere! It just makes sense! The gov had to step in and make it legal for on duty, off duty and Retired LEO to carry anywhere legal in the US. Did this step on States rights? I don't think so!


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Carry in one, carry in all!

I agree, RedHat. This selective respect for state-issued CCW permits, is not only a pain, but looks really childish when you think about it.


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It just seemed like alot of words to me.You know,like when they don't want to answer your question or concern,but they know you won't leave them alone untill they do.I don't want to leave it up to the states.I want to leave it up to me.Neither the states,nor the federal gov'ment will rescue me if I need them.And I don't like the idea of being anvictim.I say let us all carry all the time,everywhere.If poaching is a crime,them poachers are criminals.Criminals,by definition,are people who commit crimes.Breaking the law is commiting a crime.Therefore,poachers will poach regardless of the law.These people need to pull their heads out of their asses.


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I had that feeling too. He really made no commitment on what the revision would be, so it sounded more like a promise to review whether changes were necessary. Still it is movement. Now if only the politicians will stay on them so they understand that it should be changed to reflect the strongest possible permission.

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Yes I noticed the tone of the letter seemed like, Yes I will definatley take this matter under advisement and then hand it to my trusted flunky who will then get right on it.

Yeah RIGHT! I bet it sits safely on a desk until the deadline and then is refered to yet another committee who will need to conduct an estensive feasbility study and etc,...

I think we are getting jerked around. No one has the balls to say no but neither do they want to say yes. They would like to agree with both sides until the votes are counted and even then prefer to sweep it under the table. I hope the GOA and NRA keep the pressure on them to resolve this prior to the summer.


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I agree that there should be nationwide reciprocity, but I don't think you can use the Drivers License Compact as an accurate illustration, because the Non-Resident Violators Compact... to my knowledge... was an agreement between states. I don't think the Feds had anything to do with it... but its been a few years since I had first hand knowledge, so I may be in error.

according to... :

The only hand the Feds had in it was passing law that allowed states to enter into agreements with each other.

I know wiki isn't Gospel, but its pretty good.


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re: national park concealed carry

Hi folks,

New guy here. I can shed some light on this issue for everyone. The Virginia Citizens Defense League Link Removed has been developing this for the past 4 years. The Petition For Rule Making that was originally submitted to the Interior Department by the VCDL (along with the second, most recently submitted petition), and which ultimately got the NRA involved, is quite simple. The goal has been to assimilate state concealed carry laws into Interior Department / Park Service regulations 36CFR 2.4. If you can carry legally in the state you're currently in (including reciprocity) you can carry concealed legally across the street in the national park. Gettysburg and the George Washington Parkway outside D.C. in VA are perfect examples of why this regulation should be implemented. And of course the fact that since there's only one park ranger per 125,000 acres. There will most likely be no provision for open carry. Because it is a highly controvercial issue the VCDL had not included the topic in discussions. Most likely the NRA won't either. This is basically a states rights, concealed carry, right to self-defense issue. I think if the gun hater propaganda machine doesn't get too out of control (read some of the media reports in the NRA ILA News section) and we get as many folks responding during the public comment period we have a good chance of finally getting this pushed through. Hope that helps.

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