National forest in NC/ Probably on a gameland


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Anyone camping or hiking in National Forest in NC, Be careful of where you are
chances are that you are on a Gameland Which changes the rules for
Concealed carry I/E Calibur of carry gun.
- Possession is allowed on field-trial and designated target shoot -
ing areas and in camping areas for defense of person or property.
- 22-caliber pistols with barrels, not greater than 7.5 inches in
length and shooting only short, long or long rifle ammunition,
may be carried as side arms on game lands at any time

Any bigger than that will get you in trouble on a gameland.

Nor can you carry concealed on state or federal property. I'm not sure if no CCW applies there because the law states government property "generally." If I recall, Hanging Rock State Park has a prohibition on firearms anyway. I'm not sure about the other parks. Uwharrie National Forest has a shooting range and allows hunting during the season. As you mentioned however, it appears NC wildlife law trumps CCW and prevents one from carrying concealed while hunting. I was not aware of the rimfire law...Thanks!
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