National Do Not Call Registry & the Laws.


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Are telemarketers bothering U with never ending calls to your home, cell-phone(s)? Some cell-phone plans cost U by the minute just 2 get their sales pitch! Or the latest scam, the dreaded survey takers, who disregard most attempts to block them claiming they are NOT telemarketers, but legitimate and very nosey pests, only taking up an hour or 3 of your time, yet are IMHO just as intrusive & unwelcome as any Viagra nut-job who may or may not sound like he/she is calling from Calcutta! Always happens when U have something important going on, your fave T.V. show just started, a visitor comes over to visit, your yummy hot meal just got put on the table, or U just stepped out of the shower in your birthday suit freezing and dripping pools of water everywhere! Bringgggg yourself over here and pick me up NOW, or I WILL call U back in 30 minutes, a promise they seldom forget to make good on! Let it go to answer, no good, they hang-up, log it as an active # & will try again and again. Maybe even selling your phone #'s to other telemarketer or advertising companies who will jump onto your spare time and phone usage. .
"Your registration will not expire. Telephone numbers placed on the National Do Not Call Registry will remain on it permanently due to the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act of 2007, which became law in February 2008." Read more about it at:
"The National Do Not Call Registry gives you a choice about whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. Most telemarketers should not call your number once it has been on the registry for 31 days. If they do, you can file a complaint at this Website. ( ) You can register your home and cell-phone for free."
Once U enter your name, phone numbers and e-mail address, within a minute that e-mail address gets a delivery from these folks, you have 72 hours to hit that link and your phone numbers are now entered into the National Do Not Call data base, that most large telemarketer companies do check regularly as few want to send you a check for 70-grand!
Select: 'Register a phone (lets U register 3 in fact) numbers.' and is a data base most reputable tele-marketeers must abide by. I added called I.D. and their #'s never show, plus security blocker by Qwest, which (a recorderd message) tells all callers B 4 my phone even rings if they are NOT selling anything or making unsolicited calls to this number, press 1 to proceed, or hang-up now. If they R flogging Tupperware, and press 1, then a quick *59 (Qwest only, your phone company may have a different * ?? set of tracing tools), pressed on my end ($1.50 per complaint) BUT that buck-fifty traces that pushy vendor and the FTC can then levy/fine last I heard a hefty $70K fine against them, which will be mailed to you for punitive damages for intruding upon your privacy, which makes me a xenophobic SOB maybe, but Mormons bashing on my door in fancy suits riding nice bicycles with back-packs at 8am on a Sunday morning trying to sell me Jesus, with one size-13 foot in the door and copies of the 'Watch-Tower' spilling onto my door-mat has sometimes made me ponder just how long I would serve in jail for pulling, brandishing & maybe even discharging my pistol at the real pushy one who is almost as annoying as my phone ringing every 30 minutes from sun-up to sun-down Sat/Sun and after working hours M-F. dispatching those religious zealots not in Muslim prayer caps but fancy plush Wall-Street business suits at $500-$1K a pop, bought by tithing of course! Jesus wants your money. 1/3rd of a cut will buy you a 1st class ticket thru the Pearly Gates, bet that! This is old news to some USA Carry patrons, but if you have changed your phone number(s) or gone mobile then it does help to keep adding your phone numbers to that online list as many times as you feel you need to, every 6 months works for me. I know this don't have Jack to do with CC guns, but just how much anger can you take when the phone rings for the 15th time in one night and some prick is trying to sell you a 'never be able to cancel' subscription to the Best of Barry Manilow, or some Donny Osmond blue-ray DVD 'collectors specials'. I know it's hard but the very best way to deal with the pushy don't care about the do not call list consequences are to keep your cool, grab a pen & post-it/scrap of paper, egg them on to tell you as much about their company as possible even if it takes 20 mins! 'I would like to join your team!' But when you get to fill out an online or snail-mail FTC complaint that critical information will be required or it won't go anywhere (U can not tape-record a person on a phone without their permission, and the moment U say: "Can I record this?", U will hear a click!) but for your troubles you may get $70K, which IMHO behooves you to have as much info on this 'survey-marketeer' company as possible to expedite the process of the FTC serving that company with all the right information to dig themselves into a nice $70K pit headed your way! What a lot of nice gear I could get with that type of ca$h! I know of 3 persons who did get the drop on tele-barkers 2 CA & 1 NY telemarketer companies over the last year alone, and they DID get the check pretty fast doing just what I told them to do. If you have a better way than just let it ring to answer, more power to U. Not a joke nor a scam, I would not dare write this much detailed info for your boring reads or to kill my time better spent away from this computer.
This URL gives you the laws on who can call you even if you think they can not, a useful addition to your data B 4 U start yelling: 'Cease & desist!" :angry: (Tons of data, lots of reading!, all downloadable, most in Adobe PDF.)
Anger control 101, vent on USA Carry (?) and by doing so provide hundreds or even thousands of patrons, their M8's, family, or whomever with the means to block most of those very troublesome barrages of calls that your phone company lets right thru unless you have a $ecurity Kevlar vest they rent you (Qwest), Caller I.D. ($7.50/month), Non-published number (75-cents a month), Security screener ($2.95 a month) $11.20 a month on top of my normal phone bill for March 2008, which ARE expensive monthly extra$ billed to my land-line/phone-plan or cellphone every month, and getting more expensive with almost every invoice, but it beats the utter time, hassles and BS of jumping up to answer a phone like some trained monkey when some idiot in another state wants my time, my money or my points of view on poverty in Beverly Hills! A close friend in town can't afford them phone extras, so when I call her I get 2-3 interruptions on every call with her saying sorry (like it's her fault) that was another junk call, we lose our train of thought and end up bitching about how dare they be so rude & pernicious! This one legal & free layer of unwanted phone call defense that does work (except for those frigging survey takers) and they get me to move my phone towards my computer hi-end sub-woofer Real © good sound peripheral speakers generating a fast escalating ear-splitting feed-back loop that should leave my tormentors with a day long head ache and there R not any laws I can find that say where I must sit in proximity to any normal computer speaker when I answer a call I did not make, coming in from an unknown person I don't want to talk to which by virtue of the horrendous screeching sound it emits causes a sound similar to the one your grade-school teachers with them long finger nails used as she dragged them down a chalk-board to silence even the rowdiest classroom of noisy kids :) I hope this non-gun G2 helps just 1 USA Carry patron have a quiet nite or hit the $70K jackpot and buy every weapon they ever dreamed of, or even their own private range!
Food for thought, useful info to know/use, or file away for another day....

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I found that a while back and plugged in all the phone numbers in my office, and all of those for my friends and family. There has been a drastic decrease in the number of telemarketing calls anywhere that I go now.

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