National Carry Conceal Still Alive


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Sen. John R. Thune, R-S.D., in an exclusive July 14, 2011 interview with Guns & Patriots editor Neil W. McCabe, said he will re-intorduce a bill in the Senate for national concealed carry law. Thune's 2009 bill received 58 votes, failing short of the 60-vote threshold created by a Democratic procedure manuever. As he prepares his bill, the senator said he is working with possible Democratic co-sponsors to create a bill that will pass.

Call up your reps fellow CCWers


All I want the Feds to do concerning the concealed carry issue is to deal with the reciprocity issue.

Getting the Feds involved beyond that is, in my opinion, a big mistake. Once they get a toe in the door, they will, incrementally, take the whole thing over and that will be yet another overreach of the US Constitution's limits.


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Keep Fed Out

States are supposed to regulate themselves and the fed is supposed to stay out of state regulations unless absolutely necessary. Example: Income Tax was supposed to be a TEMPORARY measure to help fund World War II. After the war, the government decided they liked our money rolling in just a little too much. They can always figure out a way to take something good and screw it up.


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The issue of the permit should be controlled by the state of residence. If your state of residence trusts you to carry a gun, the other states should as well. The feds should be kept at a distance.


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Anything the Federal Government is involved in always sinks to the easiest and most politically correct decision. Easy and PC means to go to the strictest criteria. Chicago, NYC and D.C. will be the standard. That means you can carry if you are a jurist, a representative or extremely wealthy and own a couple of the above.

Passage of this bill will not mean you get to carry in Chicago with Nashville rules. This means you get to carry in Nashville by Chicago rules (i.e. NO CARRY.)

I oppose the legislation. I know what the sponsor says the legislation will say, but this thing will go into committee several times and it will not say the same thing coming out that it said going in.

I see many CCW people backing this. Make no mistake, this is two steps back and not a step forward.


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Is a National Concealed Carry Bill a Good Idea?

Be careful what you ask for.
I am a strong supporter of concealed carry rights for all qualified Americans.

At the same time I believe this is a States Rights issue. Why? Because while the door is swinging our way now it could easily be used by an administration to deprive us of those rights. I think some call this the “slippery slope”.

Like I said, be careful what you ask for

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I for one definitely agree with one old vet



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This particular Veteran been through these "NCCW" recprocity bills and we need to tell our politicians as well as the NRA to stay far away from them. The bills are so full of holes that it will do nothing more than open the door for less reciprocity as well as the potential for registration at the Federal level.

I know, you're likely thinking "registration, that won't happen". I'm telling you right now, they've been unsuccessful getting BATFE records that there are protections intentionally NOT included in those bills that will give the Fed the power to require that ALL CC holders register at the Federal level. I have a CJ Masters folks, it's not what's in this legislation that becomes the problem. It's what's NOT in the legislation that becomes the problem.

Remember, the Dems and anti's have had decades of getting smacked around on 2A issues. What better way to get more gun control measures than to make it look like they're doing something right with 2A only to leave out important protections that could be promptly followed by another bill to force gun owner registration...not the firearms, but the gun owner. Think Chicago politics folks and exactly what State that's from. Illinois has a FOID card, just imagine that at the Federal level. And it could be done under the guise that the Fed would need to know who the CC'ers are so they could be protected under the law.

I have the answer for Mr. Thune, the NRA, and everyone else. Enforce 2A as written: SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!!!


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NCCW Badge?!?

This particular Veteran been through these "NCCW" recprocity bills and we need to tell our politicians as well as the NRA to stay far away from them.

Does this mean we could end up with an "NCCW Badge"? :hang3:

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