Nassau County Permit 6+months lawsuit help


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Longislandfirearms has found that numerous applicants are waiting longer than 6 months, which is the maximum allowed by NY state Statute. They plan to hold the county accountable...They are looking for some fundraising assistance. Since this may set precedent for NY State, I thought I would post here as well. See the link if you can help out!

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As you are aware we started a thread regarding Nassau County folks waiting over 6+ months for their license. (Link Removed)

We have successfully found candidates who fall within the waiting period.

Murtha and Murtha has taken on the task (volunteered their efforts) of filing the paperwork and handle all the legal 'stuff'.

We need your help!

Demand was served, we need to funds to purchase of index numbers, RJIs, and service of process. Total fees: $968

We will use this thread to keep a tally of the funds collected.
PLEASE use the link below to donate your efforts stop YOUR rights from being infringed!

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