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Just got a North American Arms Mini .22LR to carry in situations I can't carry my .45. Have been wondering what ammo to use in it whether it be hollow point or round nose. Just want to get some thoughts on what others think and what the reason behind it would be. I know a .22 isn't the best for protection but in the situation I will be using it in it is better then nothing and this is about as big as I can go in frame size.

1,750 fps HP

Take a look at this. Works well in a P22.
Price also is pretty good in bulk.
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When I bought mine I opted for the one with both the LR and MAG cyl, but with a less than 1" barrel go for the hottest heaviest, hollow point you can lay your hands on, N I think the 40 GR CCI is about it.
BTY work on your grip, I can keep all my rounds on a 8 1/2" paper plate at 21' very impressive for a little gun.
I second the Agulia ammo. They also make Aguila SuperExtra 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Lead Round Nose round. Link Removed It pushes Muzzle Velocity:1135 fps and Muzzle Energy:114 ft lbs. I have some of the 30 gn 1,750 fps ammo and it definitely can do the job. Remember the velocities will drop drastically when firing from a short barrel firearm but it still will be a lot faster than standard 22 ammo.

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