NAA 22 Mini Revolver For Cyclist ???

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Do you have a NAA 22 Mini Revolver? If so how and when do you carry it. I’m a competitive masters road cyclist and do not like to carry any extra weight on my person or bike. I ride for two to three hours almost every day riding mostly on lightly traveled back country roads. I’ve had my South Carolina resident conceded carry permit for over a year. I did not carry when I’m training because I do not like fanny packs or any type of bag hanging on my bike. But being unarmed I felt naked. Also riding the back country roads there are a number of dogs that just watch me ride by and the ones that give chase are just protecting their property and I can usually out run them and they stop running at the end of their property. But always in the back of my mind is what if? What if a pack of dogs attacked? What if someone wanted to harm me? What if? I just picked up a NAA 22 magnum 5 shot mini revolver. I put it into a plastic snack size zip lock bag to protect it from my perspiration and rain, it slips perfectly in my jersey pocket. I can also just shoot through the bag if I need it in a hurry. The last thing someone is going to expect if they are going to try and rob or harm me is a cyclist dressed like Lance Armstrong with a 22 magnum sticking an inch from their face. NAA 22 Magnum? Better than nothing.


I dont have one, nor do I have a need for one, but yea it's better than nothing. I understand you dont want to add any extra weight on yourself or your bike, personally I would go with a airweight, or lighter, J-frame, but the 22-mag beats throwing rocks
Hi Frank,

I ride mountain bikes and carry one of the mini revolvers for the same reasons. Normally, I carry a P3AT or a compact 9mm but on the bike, those are just too big and heavy. I kind of figure the same as you that even a 22 is better than nothing.

Bouncing around on a mountain bike means I never felt good about having it in my jersey pocket so I typically wear it stuffed up the right leg of my bike shorts. I usally wear normal padded stretch bike shorts under baggy short pants to get the padding but not look too strange in the woods. My bike shorts are probably about like yours and I have never had it move around more than an inch or so once I put it in there that way.

I keep one chamber empty and center the cylinder one notch before that cylinder. If I ever had to use it, I just squeeze twice and get a bang with three more to follow. I always worried about smacking into a rock or tree and having it go off so I feel better about keeping the empty cylinder and the hammer safe. I figure if that 5th round is that critical then it's probably my day to go anyway. I do think you are right that there would be a certain amount of shock value there since any agressor likely thinks riders are unarmed. Hopefully 4 rounds are more than enough.

I also have confirmed the "shoot it through the zip lock" theory and it works fine.

I always shoot my carry anytine I go shoot anything just to make sure it stays clean, functions well and I am familiar with it. I would strongly suggest you practice with the mini revolver as well. I'm not a great shot but I'm pretty good and you have to really concentrate to hit anything with that little banger. I killed a million water mocassins as a kid with with 22s and I doubt seriously if I could hit a snake with it past 5 yards. A human sized target or a wild dog might be doable at 10 if you are very familiar with it and keep your nerves down.

Good luck
Frank, I have two NAA's one in 22LR and one in 22mag. I have a Grip holster for my 22LR. They are great for pocket carry and gives the mini a better grip when firing. You can get them for either the 22LR or the 22MAG.

it is better than nothing but i still would rather carry something a little larger caliber. I carry a fullsize 1911 for my carry gun but if i had to go small i carry my .38 barely weighs anything. thats just me though
I have one and while I don't ride a bicycle, I'm clumsy enough to need a lanyard so I don't have to go back and pick it up out of the street should I ever draw it. That grip is tiny.

It's not a new idea:
Velo-dog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Imagine a world where a person's life was important enough that he could shoot a dog...
I have two of the 22WMR versions, one with the extra cylinder. One has the 1-5/8" barrel and the other the short barrel. With the folding holster I drop it in my pocket at times, be sure it is locked on the notch safe position and don't worry about it. The long barrel is amazingly accurate and anyone who dismisses it as just a toy, pop gun is sadly mistaken. Sure it is not a 9mm or .357 but it will make a BG stop and think, if not then put a .22 WMR in him and he will be convinced.

I have no second thoughts about its effectiveness. My only concern is that it uses rimfire ammo so be sure to load with top quality stuff and since it is a revolver you don't have to clear a jam due to misfire. A great little gun that for your situation of bikeing is perfect. However like someone else said verify the plastic bag deal before.
I've had one for years. Drop the hammer between cylinders and load all 5. You can always tacticool it up too!:laugh:
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