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I have had a target shooting and hunting permit for decades. I am about to submit for an unrestricted permit and want to know if there is some magical wording that should or should not be used in the application.

My brother-in-law just put that he wanted to it for personal protection. He had his target/hunting for almost 4 years and was issued his carry concealed without any problems. Apparently it doesn't go through the same local channels as when the permit is first issued and only goes to the County Clerk who makes sure the permit holder has been in good standings with the law and responsible with his/her permit. I know that he didn't word it any differently so that part is accurate, as for the reasoning its all "he said, she said" so if someone else has something more concrete please correct me so I know to do things differently when I go for mine.
would help if you have military expierience. I got my unrestricted in erie county 1st time out. most likely because im an officer in the army.
Once you get the letter for your appt which should note the judge before whom you're going, google him/her. Try to ascertain where the judge sits, figuratively, and tailor your reasons accordingly if applicable. The court will probably want to know what type and qty of training you do. Good luck.
A year ago, I moved from a may issue state (New Jersey) to another may issue state (Alabama), but the reality of the situation is that the former is a doesn't issue state and the latter a does issue state. I understand that in NY state, it's all in where you live.
I just got mine in Ulster County. I wrote a letter expressing my desire to get the restrictions lifted from my permit. It described my safety training, and history with firearms as well as a description of my business. When I met the judge he asked me why I wanted it, I just said that is was for personal security and protection.

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