N.H. Non Resident Conceded Weapons Permit

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Just got off the phone with a young lady at the N.H. State Police Conceded Weapons Permit Division. They are now processing applications received before April 27, 2009. I sent my application in on April 20, 2009. She told me that they cashed my check yesterday and I should be receiving my permit within a week.

Could you give me the phone number you called to chek on yours I can't find a contact number
How much is the permit for carrying a conceded weapon? Do you need a NFA Class III license to own one?
New Hampshire took 6 days to process my application.

When did you get your N.H. permit? I sent off for mine 17 days ago. They cashed my check a week after i sent the application. Just trying to get an idea of what kind of wait I can expect.

At least N.H. is ahead of Maine. I sent in for my Maine permit 24 days ago and they havent even cashed the check yet....drag.... Hope there isnt a problem with something in my paperwork.....:fie:

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