N.C. Workplace Shooting Leaves 2 Dead


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Just one more example that even in a small city or town there is no real safe place.

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You are right! Large city, small town, in your home or in a friends home you can be a victim. The BG's mainly pick opportunities and don't do too much planning. We have to be ready at all times no matter where we are.
Very sad. You all are of course right. I live in a small town and really do not expect these kinds of things to happen. But, obviously, you never know. One should always be prepared and must pay attention to his surroundings.
Deffinetly, I live in a small town too (about 9,000). That doesn't make me let my guard down though. I admit when I'm in a big city, I am more cautious, but I don't doubt for a second a BG couldn't go on a shooting spree in a little hick town.
My thoughts exatly, Always be prepared no matter where you are, big city, small town, at home. A BG don't care where, he is just looking for opportuneiy, so always be aware................

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