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A couple of years ago I picked up my grandfather's pistol from a gunsmith that did some work and cleaned it up for him. Whatever lubricant he used was the best spelling lubricant or oil I have ever smelled. I tried finding the guy to ask him what he used but he died. (God rest his soul).. I know it wasn't break fee or hoppe's or any of the more popular ones. There is a product called G96... I think this may be it. Could you guys give me some products with a reputation of a good smell. My car smelled like that gun for a week.


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Frog lube is the one folks rave about because it smells good.

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I found the lube I was looking for. It was G96!... I bought a can and I mean lubed, rubbed, oiled, and wiped the heck out of my pistols and I believe we have a winner. I was wanting the product for the smell, but once I started cleaning my weapons it seemed like more grim and gunk was coming off. I clean my weapons the same way with every product. I spray it down and let it sit for a for about 10 or 15 minutes and start the cleaning process...(I do this every week) so they shouldn't be to dirty. It's amazing all the crude that was left on there. I don't know if it was the cleaner or I didn't clean it as good as I thought.

This stuff smells so good its like a room deodorizer. I haven't ran any of my handguns since using it but I can't wait. If they don't run as well I will stop use. I feel like there will be better results. This stuff is called G96 Triple Action... it lubes, oils, and cleans


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Lube needs to be good at corrosion protection. Find it does that, keep it. If it fails at that, keep searching. I dont recall that product scoring high on corrosion tests.

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Eezox combines the very best available rust and corrosion protection with a dry lube that can't possibly attract/hold dust or grit. I use it on all my guns and any other equipment that needs lube and/or protection. A little goes a very long way, and I would recommend the liquid rather than the spray. Too much waste with the spray.

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[Note: I do not sell this stuff and receive no compensation for promoting it. ]

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